Thursday 9 January 2020

Tidy Stuff - Soft Toy Storage

We've all got 'stuff' and we can't all live minimalist lives. Sometimes it's just about how to store that stuff and keep it neat and tidy!

We've dealt with Lego, toy cars, the cupboard under the sink, even bras but now it's time to tackle the soft toy mountain!!

Flatlay showing lots of soft toys needing storage including The Gruffalo, Elmo, Bullseye, Scooby Doo and a dinosaur

So, how can we sort these soft toys and keep them tidy? Here's 5 ideas for soft toy storage!

Soft Toy Bean Bag

I love this idea as it means the toys are being utilised when they aren't being played with it. It could also mean a quick tidy up when putting the soft toys back into storage as you'll just need to pop them in and zip the bag. You can find them here

Little girl sitting on a large bean bag


Baskets are my go to when it comes to storage and with various sizes they are great for soft toy storage and are what we use for the ones we keep downstairs. I'm also thinking about using baskets for soft toy storage in our sons room but will be hanging them on the wall to free up floor space! Have a browse here

Fabric storage boxes


These are another great idea for soft toy storage if you're wanting to get the toys up off the floor. Available to buy from Amazon but also super easy to make with either fabric or netting, a soft toy hammock might be just what you need to keep those toys tidy. Click here for a bargain hammock! 

A hammock hanging filled with soft toys

Soft Toy Zoo

This soft toy zoo is definitely my husband's choice! Where as my answer to storage is baskets, his is make something! They are quite easy to make and you'll need wood, bungee cords and the usual type of DIY fixings. A soft toy zoo would be a great edition to an animal themed bedroom or playroom too! Not very creative? Buy one here.

A crate style box made to look like a cage filled full of soft toys

Door Hanging Storage

Apart from baskets, I'm also a fan of making use of unused or dead space, like the back of doors. Usually used for shoes, these hanging storage bags are great for various things, so why not using them for soft toy storage too?! Have a look at what you can use these bags for here.

Hanging storage bag with pockets, usually used for shoes

Now, your soft toy storage is all sorted the only problem you'll have is getting the kids to put them away!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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