Monday 11 March 2019

Tidy Stuff - 5 Ways To Store Lego

Lego is a wonderful creative toy. Kids can spend hours and hours playing and building amazing things, but lets be can be a nightmare to store and clean.

Assortment of Lego

I've already covered how to get the Lego clean in my How To Wash Lego post, so now it's time to share 5 ways how to store it and keep it tidy.

Giant Lego Bricks

Giant Lego brick
Available from Amazon and John Lewis, these giant bricks are stackable and its easy to spot where your Lego's stored! Prices depend on size but start around £9.99.

Storage Boxes

Lidded box with a Lego pattern

Ikea, Poundstretcher and Amazon are just three of my go to's when it comes to buying storage. Go with plain or themed standard boxes or a portable carry case, with the latter ideal if you only have a small amount of Lego or they like taking it to the grandparents with them! Prices start around £8.00.

Lego Table
Children's box type table with sliding top
If you have the space a special table is a great way to go when it comes to Lego storage. Combining somewhere to build and a place to store, a Lego table can help keep everything in one area and hopefully keep the mess to a minimum. The one pictured is currently available for £49.00 from Very and Amazon.

Storage Bag

Lego storage bag laid out flat and filled with Lego
Our Lego goes in a large bag that we hang on the back of a door, but I'm considering change it for a bag that doubles as a mat. Like the table it helps keep everything in one place and brings the hope that the cleanup will be much quicker and easier! Plus it's a bargain for £6.99!

Drawer Units

Plastic drawer tower
Best priced at Wilko and Poundstretcher, drawer units allow lots of storage for Lego bricks, people and base plates. Varied in size and starting at around £11.00, these are ideal if you have a playroom or a corner of the house completely for toys.

So, now we've covered how to store and clean your Lego, hopefully your Lego stuff will now be tidy stuff!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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