Wednesday 13 April 2022

Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

(Collaborative Post)

Sometimes, you can make your house look expensive without busting your bank account open. It’s a look and a feel that you are going for, so do you really need to spend the money on the real thing? 

Here are a few additions and changes you can make to your home to give it that posh feeling.

Side table showing books, with a cup and saucer and a vase

How To Budget For Emergency Home Repairs

(Collaborative Post)

While our homes are certainly the place we feel the most comfortable in the world, they are buildings and buildings need maintenance. This means that taking an active approach towards planning for potential emergency situations can be worthwhile, be that a broken pipe starting to flood your bathroom, or pests that may come without you really noticing.

Budgeting for emergency home repairs, in the same way you might prepare for a car breakdown, is a good idea. This might just be used during a rushed morning where you lose your keys on the train, or perhaps it could be to repair weather damage after a particularly intensive storm.

Whatever the reason, having a few homeowner provisions in place to prepare and have your problem attended to is a great way to get started. In this post, we hope to discuss how to achieve that approach and more, and what kind of positive effect it can have. 

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Here's a few ideas.......