Thursday 30 March 2017

Movie of the week!

On Friday morning in the rush to get out the door Joseph and Daddy walked into our bedroom to the tune of an oh so familiar tune. Clutching Daddy's phone Joseph climbed on to the bed and started to bounce as he shouted "DOG, DOGGY". I soon realised he was watching Netflix and two of my favourite characters! Wallace and Gromit!

This week's movie of the week is Wallace and Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Monday 27 March 2017

Book of the week!

This week's book of the week is the kind of book I like, as not only is it a push, pull and slide book but it's also a board book. I especially like board books as it means you don't need to have eyes in your backside when the little darlings are looking at them!

This week's book of the week is Busy Fire Station!

Super bright and colourful it shows the hive of activity of a fire station. As the alarm sounds the firemen rush to those in need. Pull the tab and they whiz down the pole.

The fire engine makes it way through the busy traffic and you see it over take the cars as you pull the tab.

There's also added questions on each page, like how many helmets can you see and what colour is the fire engine, making the book a little interactive as you read through it.

At £2.99 Busy Fire Station is a bargain and a great little board book for your collection, especially if they are obsessed with 'nee-naws' like Joseph currently is!

Ours was a gift from Granny but you can get a copy from Amazon.


Mummy Snowy Owl
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A Healthy Mummy Update!

This week has been surprisingly harder than the first and I have struggled a lot. 

The medication I've been given feels like it is making its way into my system but is making me exhausted. I have tried though to busy myself to avoiding dropping to sleep in the day but then find myself wide awake at night.

The end of the week was a bit of a struggle at work. At times it was a fight to keep my eyes open but within this there was a small achievement. Normally you see I'd have necked coffee to keep me going but I didn't. I'm sticking to what the GP said and am giving it a wide berth! My boss may have started singing to check if I was awake or not as I sat with my head back 'looking at the ceiling'.

On the upside my memory has improved slightly and I suddenly remembered on Friday that I was meant to be doing the Brownie meeting on Monday! With hubs out all day on Saturday meaning no car and Mother's Day on Sunday this threw me into a panic. Usually I'd have felt physically sick and had no idea what to do but I managed to control my anxiety and buy most of what I needed on my lunch break. Phewwwwww.

The healthy eating has continued and like last week I am super happy to say I've had a loss!

Fruit salad on a plate with a slice of fruit loaf

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Book of the week!

This week's book of the week is a little different! It's not an actual book of sorts as its an app which brings lots of books to you in one go!

Screenshot of the app

Monday 20 March 2017

Sharpie Mugs!

Sharpie mugs are one of those things you see a lot of on Pinterest when looking for homemade gift ideas but I've always been a bit dubious of how they'd turn out. On trying them I've found they are actually super easy to do and really effective! 

Completed mugs decorated with sharpies

Sunday 19 March 2017

A Healthy Mummy Update!

Some of you may have read my post from last week about my ongoing ill health, living in chronic pain and how it was ruining my life as well as my husband's and toddler's. I made a pledge to myself to change my ways and this week has marked the start of that!

I've cut out a lot, well pretty much all, junk and cut back on a lot of refined sugar. So no sugary cereals (my fave) and back to sweetener in my tea! I've also knocked coffee on the head!

Bowl filled with banana, yogurt and porridge oats

Thursday 16 March 2017

No Sew Draught Excluder

Just over a week ago I posted about our return to Ikea and the Live Lagom project. I was excited to meet the new participants and to see Kerry, the Ikea leader, and Juliette, another former participant, again.

The activity was all about cosy homes and as part of that we made draught excluders. Kerry had pre-warned me to take a fabric, needles and thread but I was a bit concerned as my hand sewing is a bit, well, shit to be honest!!!

Luckily Kerry showed us a no sewing option, which worked really well, so both myself and Juliette gave that one a try and now as promised I'm sharing how to do it with you!

You will need
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk or a pen to mark your fabric
  • Scissors or pinking shears
  • Fabric
  • Toy or pillow stuffing  
Fabric, ruler, scissors, tape and tailors chalk

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Movie of the week!

This week's movie of the week is an old favourite of Josephs and one that he would watch constantly around his 2nd birthday. It's this week's number one favourite but is actually a sequel. It's Shrek 2!

Tuesday 14 March 2017


The last few weeks have been spent cutting down on Joseph's sweet treats and unhealthy snacks. I'm keen though to not get stuck in a rut with the same old offerings, so I was super excited when the folks over at ChewyMoon asked me to give their subscription snacks a try.

ChewyMoon logo

Book of the week!

This week's book of the week is Elmer and the Wind.

Saturday 11 March 2017

Why I'm Changing My Ways

Health-wise I haven't been right since having Joseph in 2014. After a traumatic birth and a lot of stitches I slowly started to get back to normal or so I thought. At a check up I mentioned to my GP that I'd experienced some stiffening in my joints. She assured me it was nothing to worry about but unfortunately this wasn't the case. 

As the stiffness and joint problems spread over my body it was was joined by fatigue. I was told repeatedly it was nothing to worry about and sent on my way. When my husband had to help me get dressed I decided enough was enough and demanded something be done. This time  I saw a GP who understood and was committed to helping me. After multiple tests and a hospital referral it was discovered that an extreme lack of vitamin D had left me with muscle weakness and a softening of the bones (Osteomalacia) and there was a possibility I also had Fibromyalgia. I was given vitamins and sent on my way. The GP helping me left for another practice.

Emoji with a sick face mask

Thursday 9 March 2017

Surviving the supermarket with a toddler!

When my now two year old was a baby I used to feel sick at the thought of going to the supermarket. I'd be the Mum sweating all the way round the shop from the fear that the baby would wake and worst of all cry.

Now I wish it was as simple as timing a trip to avoid a feed because taking a toddler shopping is a whole different ball game. It takes preparation, bribes and a bit of courage but it is doable.

Here's my tips for surviving the supermarket with a toddler!

Redheaded toddler wearing oversized sunglasses whilst sitting in a supermarket trolley

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Movie of the week!

This week's movie of the week isn't a long one. Movie that is, not the review! At half an hour long its a good one for quiet time and it will be very familiar to many of you.

This week's movie of the week is...............We're Going on a Bear Hunt! 

Why playing in the garden has become our go to activity!

Joseph is fast becoming what many call a 'typical boy'. Shouting, running, bashing, jumping and being a ginger hurricane takes up most of the day. With six nieces it came as a bit of a shock to the system, not just for us but for our family too. 

As he's got more and more active I've been trying to get out more. Overcoming the Mummy anxiety and getting out into the world. Whether it be a trip round a supermarket, meeting friends or a walk round the park with my brother's wife and their dog, we both enjoy getting out more.

A little boy walking in whilst in a winter hat and coat whilst wearing reins

Monday 6 March 2017

Book of the week!

This week's book of the week is The Smartest Giant in Town.

LiveLagom - The journey continues!

Sunday morning was spent revisiting the Ikea Live Lagom project as I was invited along to take part in another workshop, along with the new participants and a few familiar faces.

We had a brief visit into the main store and I was excited to see some of the new room displays. Now, I realise this might be a bit sad to some and yes, I possibly need to get out more, but I love to wander round the rooms. It gives me so many ideas to try at home. I also discovered when taking part on the project last year that each room has a story behind it. There is a profile behind each room layout, whether it be a student, a couple, family or a single person. Each scenario is budgeted so the room will feature items within that budget, with wages, mortgages and rent all taken into consideration! There was me think they just did the room set ups to look nice!

After looking at a very Lagom room we headed into the meeting room where there was refreshments on offer. Our amazing leader, Kerry, did a presentation around the theme of making a cosy home. With that in mind we set about the mornings activity. Making draught excluders!

An Ikea staff member doing a presentation  An Ikea staff member doing a presentation

Sunday 5 March 2017

Wafer Moments with Kiddylicious

Those of you that have read my recent posts will know we have been trying to eat a little more healthy and avoid giving the ginger hurricane naughty snacks.

Kiddylicious sent us a fab box of treats that Joseph absolutely loved, to the point that he now asks for them over other snacks and sweet treats. Parenting Win!! Last time I told you about the sweet alternatives we were sent but this time I want to tell you about what was in our other Kiddylicious care package. 

Not only was there treats for Mummy in the shape of a mug, tea, nail file set and a varnish, there was also a selection of their wafers.

A selection of kiddylicious snacks

Thursday 2 March 2017

World Book Day - Making Joseph's Costume!

Last year for World Book Day I made part of Joseph's outfit. Equipped with my first sewing machine and off cuts of our curtains from the Ikea Live Lagom project, I used Pinterest and YouTube to design and make him a waistcoat.

I teamed it with his usual trousers and a flat cap and granddad neck style tshirt that I'd picked up for a couple of pounds in the Matalan sale. I also made a chimney sweep brush from paper and an empty kitchen role and transformed him into The Sweep from Mary Poppins.

A red haired little boy dressed as a sweep

Charity Spotlight - Marie Curie and the Great Daffodil Appeal!

March is the month that brings signs of spring as lambs, blossom and daffodils fill the country. When you're out and about this month you may spot a few more daffodils in the shape of the Marie Curie fundraisers as March brings their Great Daffodil Appeal.

Daffodil bunting, with a jug of daffodils and a tiered cake stand filled with cakes