Saturday 11 March 2017

Why I'm Changing My Ways

Health-wise I haven't been right since having Joseph in 2014. After a traumatic birth and a lot of stitches I slowly started to get back to normal or so I thought. At a check up I mentioned to my GP that I'd experienced some stiffening in my joints. She assured me it was nothing to worry about but unfortunately this wasn't the case. 

As the stiffness and joint problems spread over my body it was was joined by fatigue. I was told repeatedly it was nothing to worry about and sent on my way. When my husband had to help me get dressed I decided enough was enough and demanded something be done. This time  I saw a GP who understood and was committed to helping me. After multiple tests and a hospital referral it was discovered that an extreme lack of vitamin D had left me with muscle weakness and a softening of the bones (Osteomalacia) and there was a possibility I also had Fibromyalgia. I was given vitamins and sent on my way. The GP helping me left for another practice.

Emoji with a sick face mask
Over the last year things have deteriorated. Some days I'm just stiff. Other days I struggle to walk. My skin reacts to most soaps, moisturisers and creams. My scalp reacts to hair dye to the point I've now had to stop colouring it. Then there's the random bouts of violent sickness, where I'll be up all night with my head in the loo. The migraines. The not sleeping more than 4 hours a night. Oh, and when the GP finally agreed to do blood tests recently my vitamin D had dipped again and now I have no Calcium too.

I am ill more often than not. To the point that Joseph, my now 2 year old, says "Mummy poorly again" and that makes me so very sad.  

Friday night was another night of illness and agony. Earlier in the week I had already made a half hearted pledge to eat a bit better and force myself to exercise but today I have promised it to myself, to my husband and to Joseph.

I'm also going back to the Doctor's this week. I can't continue to live in chronic pain like this. I can't continue to paint this smile on. 

I'm 34. My 71 year old mother is more agile than me and my husband has to help me get dressed. 


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  1. I've had some issues since giving birth 15 months ago too but nothing as bad as what you describe. If traditional medicine isn't doing much for you, have you considered a more holistic approach. Maybe a naturopath or even a dietician to get you back on track? #BloggerClubUK

    1. Its definitely something I'm looking into and will considering! Anything to feel normal!