Monday 6 March 2017

LiveLagom - The journey continues!

Sunday morning was spent revisiting the Ikea Live Lagom project as I was invited along to take part in another workshop, along with the new participants and a few familiar faces.

We had a brief visit into the main store and I was excited to see some of the new room displays. Now, I realise this might be a bit sad to some and yes, I possibly need to get out more, but I love to wander round the rooms. It gives me so many ideas to try at home. I also discovered when taking part on the project last year that each room has a story behind it. There is a profile behind each room layout, whether it be a student, a couple, family or a single person. Each scenario is budgeted so the room will feature items within that budget, with wages, mortgages and rent all taken into consideration! There was me think they just did the room set ups to look nice!

After looking at a very Lagom room we headed into the meeting room where there was refreshments on offer. Our amazing leader, Kerry, did a presentation around the theme of making a cosy home. With that in mind we set about the mornings activity. Making draught excluders!

An Ikea staff member doing a presentation  An Ikea staff member doing a presentation

Kerry had already given me a heads up on the activity so I took along the fabric I wanted to use, scissors, pins and a needle and thread BUT my hand sewing is, well, a bit crap! The chances are if I had hand sewn Kerry would have needed to get the first aid box out! Luckily, she had an alternative technique to try, which was completely no sew and FAB! Yes, it may have been aimed at the children in the group but hey, if it works so why not!

A woman (Mummy Snowy Owl) making a draught excluder

Here's my finished excluder! I'm so happy with it that I'm going to make another and show you how to make one too later in the week!

Smiling woman (Mummy Snowy Owl) with a draught excluder

Draught excluder 
Draught excluder by a door

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Mummy Snowy Owl

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