Monday 27 March 2017

A Healthy Mummy Update!

This week has been surprisingly harder than the first and I have struggled a lot. 

The medication I've been given feels like it is making its way into my system but is making me exhausted. I have tried though to busy myself to avoiding dropping to sleep in the day but then find myself wide awake at night.

The end of the week was a bit of a struggle at work. At times it was a fight to keep my eyes open but within this there was a small achievement. Normally you see I'd have necked coffee to keep me going but I didn't. I'm sticking to what the GP said and am giving it a wide berth! My boss may have started singing to check if I was awake or not as I sat with my head back 'looking at the ceiling'.

On the upside my memory has improved slightly and I suddenly remembered on Friday that I was meant to be doing the Brownie meeting on Monday! With hubs out all day on Saturday meaning no car and Mother's Day on Sunday this threw me into a panic. Usually I'd have felt physically sick and had no idea what to do but I managed to control my anxiety and buy most of what I needed on my lunch break. Phewwwwww.

The healthy eating has continued and like last week I am super happy to say I've had a loss!

Fruit salad on a plate with a slice of fruit loaf

2lb off! Wooooo hooooooo!

A graphic saying -2lb

I would really like to lose 2lb or more this week as it would take me down to the next stone. It always makes a huge difference when losing weight to drop down into the next stone and see a different number at the front!

Pain wise, well, I don't know if its the small weight loss or the medication but it seems to have eased, which is an odd feeling. I know that it's still there and I can feel it in a way but it's a little like the medication is masking it?! One of my knees is still causing me a problem though and after an altercation with Joseph's ball pit my knee clicked back on it self and then out again. I half managed to stifle a scream and Joseph leaped into it to try and help me. I can tell you it's quite humiliating when your husband has to lift you off the floor and your 2 year old holds your leg up to help!

Little boy dressed as a night
(My knight in shining armour and leg holder) 
I got quite upset about the whole thing but the week has seen a slight improvement. I've been ill for 2 years and I need to realise that I'm not going to get better overnight. I should be happy with a small improvement, right?

Mummy Snowy Owl
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