Wednesday 8 March 2017

Why playing in the garden has become our go to activity!

Joseph is fast becoming what many call a 'typical boy'. Shouting, running, bashing, jumping and being a ginger hurricane takes up most of the day. With six nieces it came as a bit of a shock to the system, not just for us but for our family too. 

As he's got more and more active I've been trying to get out more. Overcoming the Mummy anxiety and getting out into the world. Whether it be a trip round a supermarket, meeting friends or a walk round the park with my brother's wife and their dog, we both enjoy getting out more.

A little boy walking in whilst in a winter hat and coat whilst wearing reins

Our days without a car, however, can put us into a bit of a fix and yes I am fully aware that I could use public transport but my Mummy anxiety cannot cope with that quite yet, thank you!

So, on the rare days it doesn't rain we've started to venture out more and more into the garden. I've even stopped caring if there's puddles! That's what wellingtons are for!

Joseph is very lucky to have a hand me down seesaw and a gifted slide. He also has one of those 3 in 1 trikes but he isn't fond of peddling and I have to push him round like he's part of the royal family! 

Little boy on a seesaw  Little boy on a slide

He loves his outdoor toys and he's also fond of a bit of digging! Typical boy! So he happily helps me with weeding and planting! 

Little boy digging in the soil  Little boy digging in the soil

Little boy carrying soil on a trowel

He especially likes to sweep the grass!

Little boy sweeping the grass

On days I don't fancy dealing with mud we get the bubbles out. Again, he has a gifted bubble machine but at this time of year we tend to just use the usual pot of bubbles. 

Blow them, chase them, pop them it can bring lots of fun and your almost guaranteed quiet time when you return inside!

Little boy playing with bubbles  Little boy playing with bubbles in the garden

Little boy playing with bubbles in the garden  Little boy playing with bubbles in the garden

Little boy playing with bubbles in the garden

Little boy playing with bubbles in the garden

So, if you've got a hyper toddler, no transport or Mum anxiety get into the safe zone of your back garden and let them run free. It's certain to put a smile on their face. It may even calm the hurricane! 

Very happy looking little boy


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  1. We spend a lot of time in the garden too! I'd be stuck without a car as I hate public transport. Thanks for sharing with #SundayBest x