Tuesday 21 March 2017

Book of the week!

This week's book of the week is a little different! It's not an actual book of sorts as its an app which brings lots of books to you in one go!

Screenshot of the app

Featuring books by Harper Collins, Disney and many more well known names, Ebookadabra brings hundreds of books to your finger tips!

Little boy surrounded by books and holding a phone

Aimed at children from 3 to 7 years of age it allows you to track your child's progress as they read. Encouragement and rewards are given by unlocking more features and earning stickers as they go. Different areas such as Princess, Films and TV, and adventures keep them engaged and entertained. 

Example of screen from Ebook app

Little boy using the app

Joseph loved the interactive Noisy Vehicle book but I think the Disney books have been our favourites, as it allowed him to get use to the app with a few familiar faces! 

With lots to choose from Ebookadabra is ideal for travel and when you need to keep children amused. Personally we've had lots of appointments recently and Ebookadabra has been a must have! It's for those moments when you need something to catch their attention but don't want the sounds of Netflix and Peppa or Paw Patrol blaring out.

Little boy using the app

Ebookadabra is also great for those that work away or have periods of time where they miss bedtimes, as parents can record themselves reading books for the children to listen back to. It also allows them to talk back to their parents about their reading progress. How cool is that! 

At £5.99 a month with a thirty day free trial it's cheaper than buying a book every month. 

Download the app and give it a try for yourself.

Little boy using the app


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