BlogOn Toys Goody Bag Haul

Have you ever wondered what people get in event goody bags?

Maybe you're a blogger and you've wondered whether the hype of the BlogOn goody bags is all it's lived up to be!

Well, now you can find out and as you can see its quite a haul!

A mix of toys, games, small food items and stationary laid out

To give you a closer look I've grouped the items up and first we've got collectables.

The collectables listed

  • StikBot
  • Smasher
  • Smooshy Mushy
  • Disney Doorables
  • Topps Match Attax
  • Fingerlings Pencil Topper
  • Tsum Tsum Mystery Pack
Next, it's food and drink! 

Food and drink items listed

  • Fruit Bowl Flakes
  • Del Monte Squeezie
  • Brew Company Brew Bags
  • My Little Piccolo Puree
  • Fruitypot
  • Love Hearts
  • Paolozzi Lager
  • Pop a Ball Bubbles
  • Lutti Bubblizz
  • Lutti Bubblegum
Now, here's a peek at the games!

Items listed

  • Scrawl
  • Tangle
  • Magicube 
  • Ubongo
  • Grabolo
  • Caveman
  • Mrs Wordsmith Vocabulary Cards
There was also a selection of magazines.

The magazines listed

  • Epic
  • Sweet
  • Okido
  • My Weekly
There was also a selection of toys.

The toys listed

  • Hama Beads
  • Playmobil Fireman
  • Magic Masks
  • Fidget Flyer
  • Plus Plus 
  • Superhero Paint
There was also some items that are handy around the home.

The items listed

  • Mia Tui Toiletry Bag
  • Deep Freeze Patch
  • Zoflora
  • Stax Keychain
  • Heart and Home Candles
I loved the selection of stationary!

Stationary listed

  • Danilo Disney Calendar
  • Duck Tape Washi Tape
  • Mode Prints
  • Harry Potter Wand Pen
  • Sambrouk Disney Princess Notepad
Last and another favorite is this!

Item listed

  • Elf for Christmas Advent Letters
As you can see it's quite a haul!

If you got your hands on a BlogOn goody bag which of these items would you like to have? Let me know in the comments!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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September Giveaway!

Many of you will know that I love a good bit of crafting! I'm always conscious though that crafting can be expensive, so I try my best to keep any crafts that I share on my blog as low budget as possible. Luckily, that's something I have experience of from being a Snowy Owl! 

Crafting with little ones is a great way for them (and you) to practice your creative skills. It can also help fill the time on those long parenting days!

This month's giveaway is to help you all get a bit crafty with the kids, as I'm giving away a Giant Box Of Craft from Hobbycraft! 

I little boy holding a box of craft supplies looking shocked

It's filled to the brim with supplies!

Front of the box filled with craft supplies

Back of the box showing whats included

So, if you've never craft before and need a helping hand to start or you're a regular crafter and need a top up of supplies this is for you!! 

Simply comment below with if you're a new or experienced crafter to be entered! Extra entries can be gained by liking my page on Facebook!

Please note that due to the contents of the box this month's giveaway is UK entrants only! Competition closes 30th September! 

Good luck!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Dream Home Wishlist - Orangery

I need to confess something. I have a habit of searching Rightmove and looking at properties I can’t afford. I consider what furniture I’d have and where I’d put it. I pick which bedroom our son will have and check if there’s space for a hot tub. I even check the school catchment areas.

Yes, I realise I may have a problem!

Since going self-employed my secret habit has worsened and spread over into what I watch on TV. I’ve found myself having the TV on in the background and more often than not a property programme is on the screen! Homes Under The Hammer, My Dream Home, reruns of Location, Location, Location are regulars in my viewing!

Now and again I also buy a home and interiors magazine to have a flip through, and again look at things I can’t afford.

Out of all of this though I’ve started to have a good idea of what I’d like in my dream home. Again, I realise I may have a problem and that my dream house maybe forever a dream but it’s best to have an idea just in case, right?

Well, recently on my daily scroll of Rightmove I spotted a house near us had gone up for sale but it wasn’t an average house though!

Large, detached, multiple rooms, with a huge garden and a historic connection to the local town, it even offered a secret second entrance. It needed a little work but it had the hope of being a dream home! It might have even have had room for a pool!

Then I spotted something else.

In the garden surrounded by weeds, bushes and trees, and in need of lots and lots of attention sat an orangery.

Until a couple of years ago I thought an orangery was a posh word for a conservatory! In a lot of cases it still is but an orangery can be so much more than that.

With all our recent adventures to National Trust properties we have seen lots of orangeries over the last year! Ones that stand alone, some attached to houses.  For that reason I saw orangeries as something stately homes have and not something that everyday homes really feature, but plenty do.

Ok, your average home might not have one but we’re talking dream homes here!

If you’re not sure what an orangery is, a quick Google will tell you it’s a large conservatory type building where orange trees grown.

Traditionally, orangeries were used for the growing of fruit and having one would demonstrate your wealth and class, which is why you’ll see so many of them at National Trust properties!

The difference between a conservatory and an orangery is down to the amount of glass used and the type of roof. A conservatory will mostly be made of glass with 75% of the room glazed, where as an orangery’s roof will be less than that. Orangeries are also that bit more expensive than a standard conservatory.

With more and more people choosing that extra expense over a normal conservatory it seems there maybe more and more orangeries around.

With that in mind I’m pretty sure I’m adding it to my dream home must haves! Even if it is just a posh conservatory!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Painting With Leaves!

Inspired by our recent Mud and Bloom box we've recently tried painting with leaves! This is another craft that is ideal for autumn, especially with the leaves falling!

Here's our little creation!

Completed painting

Do you want to try it too? You will need........

  • Twigs
  • Leaves or flowers
  • String
  • Paint
  • Container or paper plate for paint
  • Paper
Equipment listed

Start by tying the leaves of flowers to the twigs to make your natural paint brushes. 

Plant leaves tied to a twig with string

Secure with the string.

Tree leaves tied to a twig

Squeeze out the paint into the container.

Red, yellow, green, orange paint in a glass pot

Layout your paper and get painting!

Paper laid out with the natural paint brushes and paint jar on top ready for use

Brushes being used by a little boy at the end of the picture

Plant leaf brush being used

Paint on the paper

Tree leaves being used

Leave to dry and your painting is complete.

Completed painting

This is an easy autumn craft and is ideal for little ones.  To be honest there's not much to it at all but my 4 year old still really enjoyed it and was intrigued by the different strokes and patterns the leaves give.

Completed painting

Are you going to give it a try? Tag me in your pictures on Instagram

Happy crafting!

Mummy Snowy Owl
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Autumn Tealight Holders

Leaf tealight holders seem to have been on Pinterest since it began!! 

I've tried to make them once before with real leaves and it was a disaster! They wouldn't stick and/or fell apart. It was one big sticky mess!

So, when I spotted a pack of fake leaves at The Works I thought I'd give them another go! Here's the results!

Completed tea light charges

What to try them too? You will need......
  • Glass jars
  • PVA glue - £1.00 @ Poundland (I use Mod Podge but any will do, as long as it dries clear)
  • Leaves - £1.00 @ The Works
  • Paint brush
  • Container/paper plate if you can't use the glue from the pot
  • Paper/cloth to protect your table from glue
Items listed

First make sure your jars are clean and label free. Squeeze out some glue into the container if you can't use it straight from the pot.

Glue in a small glass jar with a paint brush

One by one glue the leaves to the jar, layering them as you go. 

Leaves being glued to a jar

Leave to dry.

3 jars with leaves glued to them

Add tea lights and you're done! It's that easy!

Completed tealights sat in a wreath

If you want a very shiny finish you can do a topcoat of PVA too but be sure the leaves are dry beforehand to avoid them moving around.

Completed these tealight holders give a lovely autumnal glow. I've added ours to our autumn wreath for a lovely table centerpiece.

Completed tealights sat in a wreath

Happy crafting!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Autumn Wreath

I've already mentioned my love of autumn in my last post but in case you missed it I'll tell you again! I LOVE AUTUMN!

The cooler months, the falling leaves, the downward slide into Christmas, I love it!

So many of you loved my Flower Wreath that I thought I'd create another with a touch of autumn! So, here it is!

Completed autumn wreath

Like many of my crafts its easy to do and there's a step by step guide! To make this wreath for yourself you will need.......

Supplies listed

Start by cutting the flower stems down with the wire 

Flowers cut down with the wire cutters

Then start to insert them into the wreath.

Flowers being put into the wreath

Glue the leaves around the flowers as you go.

PVA glue in a dish with the paint brush

Leaves being glued around the flowers

Once the leaves have dried glue on one of the pumpkins.

Wreath with a selection of red, biege, yellow and orange flowers and leaves along one side with a glittery pumpkin

Leave to dry again.

Completed leaves

If you want to hang the wreath tie on a length of string or simply use as a table centerpiece.

Completed wreath hanging on a door by a piece of string

Lookout for more autumn crafts over the next few days.

Completed wreath hanging on a wooden door

Mummy Snowy Owl
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My Favourite Spooky Movies For Halloween

The kids are back at school, the weather is cooling and we start to look towards autumn. For me, autumn is one of my favourite seasons, with the other being winter, because, well Christmas!

I love autumn because not only does it bring my birthday and Halloween, it also means its socially acceptable to be inside, snuggled under a blanket, eating yummy treats and watching the TV!

Whether you're the type of person that streams their viewing on a tablet, sticks to Freeview and a standard TV or pays for a subscription service and watches on something fancy, maybe a 4K HDR TV by Panasonic or the like, there's plenty to watch on the run up to Halloween.

Carved pumpkins sitting on a wooden table outside

Offering a mix of family friendly and strictly grownup movies, here are my favourites for Halloween!

The kid friendly option!

If you're looking for a movie you can watch as a family then of the Hotel Transylvania movies will fit the bill!

Poster for Hotel Transylvania

Familiar Halloween characters take a friendly animated form, bringing lots of laughs along the way!

For the teenager!

Too grownup for our first on the list but not grownup enough for a horror? Then learn in the direction of this classic!

Hocus Pocus poster

Hocus Pocus! Staring Better Middler and Sarah Jessica Parker, before her Sex In The City days, it's not too scary but set on Halloween night gives you plenty of spookiness. I love Hocus Pocus and I'll confess that we've already watched it twice in the last few days. The Sandersons are my favourite movie sisters.

The horror classic

I first watched this favourite at college and studied it's plot, how it built suspense and what made it's boiler suit wearing villain so scary.

Halloween movie poster

In my opinion Halloween is one of the must see classic horror movies and one of the best of its time. Make sure you hang on to your popcorn though as there's some jumpy parts and if you get the chance checkout the alternative ending. 

The found footage

A craze started by The Blair Witch Project, found footage movies are always that bit edgier.  They seem a bit more real, making them that bit more scary and this favourite gives plenty of scares!

Paranormal Activity movie poster

Paranormal Activity is predominantly set at night and shows a young couple being hounded by a demonic presence. You might want to sleep with the light on by the end of it.

The trilogy maker

Plenty of successful movies become trilogies and horror movies are no different. The last of my favourite spooky movies for Halloween is the first in what has become a hugely successful chain.

The Conjuring movie poster

The Conjuring sees real life paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren try and help a family being terrorised by an evil spirit. The open ending and the fact that the Warrens aren't fictional gives it that edge. It doesn't matter how many time you watch it, it will still make you jump after a couple of times!

Will you be watching any spooky movies this Halloween? Let me know what you'll be watching in the comments.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Goodbye Preschooler

A few hours ago I made a complete fool of myself on Instagram stories. I cried. A lot. No doubt some people rolled their eyes and skipped passed but for me it was an intimate and vulnerable moment I chose to share.

I hadn't intended to cry. I expected to perhaps feel a little tearful but once I started there was no going back. 

The reason for my tears, tears that I'm still fighting back as I write this hours later, is that my 4 year old son starts school tomorrow and I'm heartbroken.

This is the boy I waited 6 long years for. 6 very difficult, hard, excruciating years for.

Little boy holding a chalk board that reads 'Joseph's last day at nursery'

Two operations, a round of fertility drugs and over 4 years on, our beautiful boy is starting school. 

He has been my shadow, my hand holder, my blanket cuddle buddy, my world.

Mummy and little boy cuddling

As he starts school our worlds are about to change massively. School runs, half terms, nativities and assemblies will all become a key part of our lives.

He will make friends and his personality will develop. He'll learn to read and write. He'll probably change.

Part of me knows he is ready but part of me knows his little personality will struggle over the coming days and weeks. It'll take him a while to find his feet. It'll take even longer for me to find mine.

I don't know why I'm struggling so much with the change. Is it because I'm faced head on with the fact that my baby is growing up? Going to change? Might not want me as much as before?

Or is it all a little heightened because I don't know if I'll get the first day of school ever again? Either way it doesn't matter. My heart still breaks.

On Wednesday we'll walk to school hand in hand but as we enter the playground it'll be time to say goodbye and my heart will break a little more.

So goodbye preschooler and hello school boy. I love you more than anything in the world.

Your Mummy Snowy Owl
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