Top Ideas For A Hot Summers Day

When the weather gets hotter, it can be a great time to be outdoors instead of being stuck in the house. You'll want to have some fun in the sun with the kids and enjoy the weather while you can.

Not all the games that you normally do in the summer though are a good idea when the weather is exceptionally hot!

Here are a few ideas for those that want to play in the sun!

Go to the beach!

It might sound like the obvious thing to do but heading for the beach will be one of the best places to spend a hot day. Not only will you have a little sea breeze, but you can also cool off in the water. It can be a great opportunity to invite some friends to go along with you, so the kids can make memories together. You can also take some games or a ball with you, so you can all play and keep the little ones entertained on the sand. The beach is likely to be crowded on such a lovely day, so if you know of somewhere secluded. even if it be a little further away it maybe worth traveling a little for.

Garden Games

If you can’t get to the beach, then why not play some outdoor games in the garden? You can find many water games that can be played outside, so getting wet won’t matter. As well as water games, there's plenty of other things to do, though be sure that you rest regularly and wear plenty of sunscreen. If you have a small pool in the garden, then even better. You can have a pool party and invite your friends. When you are in the garden, the hose can be a great way to play and keep cool at the same time, or you can have a water pistol competition.

Indoor Swimming

If you are not a fan of the hot weather, then you will want something cool and refreshing to do. One option is to go to your local swimming pool and spend some time indoors. You can still enjoy the water and be cool, but you won’t have to be outside in the sun. Some pools also have other things you can do such as spas, jacuzzis and slides if you're feeling adventurous! With lots to offer it can be a great excuse to spend the day there out of the heat.

Go Ice Skating

If your town has an ice rink set up over summer it can be the perfect thing to do on a hot day. Even if you aren’t good at ice skating you can still have fun learning and there are often aids that you can hold on to, so you don’t fall over. Although it can be hard work, it will be great fun and the ice can keep you cool.

Hot weather isn’t always a welcome event, especially if you have to work but if you can take some time off and enjoy the sun then it will be worth it!

Mummy Snowy Owl
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Creating A Peaceful Bedroom

Your bedroom. When you become a parent it’s no longer just yours. From the newborn days of being up and down every hour, to the toddler days when little ones sneak out of bed and into yours, which usually results in elbows in backs and feet or even little butts to your face, your bedroom is overrun with little people.

For the times that you do have it to yourself, your bedroom could be the ideal place to relax and have some quiet me time. Having somewhere to relax after a busy and stressful day could help put you at ease and allow you the time to regroup. Maybe even close the curtains and have a sneaky nap!

For those of you that have read my Home & Lifestyle posts since they recently started, you’ll know that making changes to our bedroom has been on the cards for a little while and has also been put off a lot! Now though it’s starting to look like we may actually start to change it very soon!

As we prepare to redecorate I’ve been looking for ideas on how to create a peaceful summer bedroom. We’ve decided to go for very neutral colours on our walls, probably cream, and plan to repaint our fitted wardrobes, changing them from cream to white to match our bed.

The idea behind this is that we can then bring colour to the room with bedding, rather than try and get linens and curtains to match wallpaper or a feature wall like we have done previously.

A big reason for this is we always struggle to get curtains to fit our very wide windows and I always get confused by the sizes! Do you double the width? Is it per curtain?? I regularly enlist Granny to help with the measuring!

Having often being short of choice and disappointed with what was on offer I’ve already got an idea of the bedding and curtains we would like and I’m quite taken with this CatherineLansfield range at Yorkshire Linen. I had said we would have neutral curtains too but I like so many of these designs!

Buying curtains is something I’m definitely going to give a little bit more thought to this time around. I always buy good quality bed linen from the likes of John Lewis but curtains have always been a ‘those will do situation’. I don’t think the ones we currently have ever fit properly and I’m sure have shrunk over the years.

A decent pair of curtains can really make a difference to a bedroom and buying a quality pair should probably be really seen as an investment. A good set will keep you cosy in the winter months and keep the sun from waking a newborn in the summer.  

Curtains don’t need to just hang at your window either and the tranquil feeling can be added to by using them elsewhere in the room. Use them as an alternative to doors on your wardrobes or to hide away your home office, but for us it will just be the windows.

Now where’s my tape measure!

Mummy Snowy Owl
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Budget Wedding Favours

Put the word wedding in front of anything and it quickly triples in price. The smallest and simplest of things suddenly become more expensive. Wedding flowers, wedding cake, wedding favours.

The latter of these is often forgotten about until the last minute but they can very easily escalate in price.

First, though do you know what wedding favours are? 

Traditionally wedding favours are given to each of your wedding guests as a souvenir of the day and a gesture of thanks for their attendance.  The act of giving wedding favours dates back for centuries, with trinket boxes containing sugar cubes. This moved on to almonds and then to sugared almonds.

Now though, wedding favours come in sorts of shapes and sizes and vary massively! Candles, chocolates, biscuits, shots and even the traditional almonds make an appearance.

Still have no idea of where to start or what to pick? Maybe you’re on a tight budget and looking for ways to save wedding budget? Well, here’s a selection of cheap wedding favours ideas to help!

Sweet Jars

Buy little jars from eBay and fill with your favourite sweets. If you have a printer at home you can create your own labels or alternatively use luggage tags for your guests name or the details of your special day.

Popcorn Boxes

Stop by a bargain store or look online and you’ll find cute American style popcorn boxes. Simply add the popcorn, place in a cellophane bag and tie at the top. Ideal if your first date was the movies!


Most people love candles and if you have the time making your own can save a lot of money, especially if you reuse glass jars. Obviously you might not be able to get matching jars if you’re planning to upcycle them but having mismatched jars can add to the handmade feel! Wax and wicks are easy to find online and as long as you follow the instructions carefully and take your time the results can be effective! You could even add a fragrance or essential oil to match the scent of your flowers. If you don’t fancy making the candles yourself, simply add a tealight to the jar. Add a label with your wedding details for the finishing touch.  


Bring some sparkle to your wedding day by giving sparklers as favours. Buy them after Bonfire Night or New Years Eve and you’ll probably bag a bargain. They can also make for a fantastic photo op if you don’t mind walking underneath them when lit! Adding a simple message like ‘let love sparkle’ gives a nice finishing touch.


A packet of seeds can be as cheap as 20p a pack. Buy a multipack and they’re even cheaper. Place in an envelope with a simple message like ‘help us set the seeds of love’ and your guests not only get a wedding favour but also something they can watch grow in their garden for years to come and that’s pretty cute!

Fortune Cookies

When out in a Chinese restaurant do you always make a point of opening the fortune cookies and sharing the message with the group? The messages can often be a talking point and are an ideal conversation starter if your table of guests are a mix of people who don’t know each other all that well. Although you can buy special wedding fortune cookies online, the cheaper option would be to go for the ones you usually find in your local restaurant or takeaway, which will be available from your local Asian supermarket if there’s one near you.


If you’re known for being the party animals of your group of friends or the family member most likely to have a hangover at Grans birthday then sharing shots with your wedding guests maybe the way to go. You may find it much cheaper though to buy a large bottle of your chosen spirit and decant it into smaller bottles, which again are easily found on eBay, than buying individual miniatures.


Kids love bubbles. Grownups love bubbles. Easily purchased from bargain stores bubbles are a super easy and budget favour to give to your guests. Relabel with your wedding details or special message for a more personal touch.


Again something a lot of people love and are super easy to buy and do yourself. Add a message like ‘we’re suckers for love’ and look out for heart shaped reductions after Valentines Day for another bargain wedding favour!

So there you go a selection of wedding favour ideas that are reasonably priced and you can do yourself. Hopefully, I’ve shown you how to save wedding budget a little! 

Now go and get creative!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Decorating Ideas For Your Child's Room

Children’s rooms can sometimes be difficult to decorate, especially as their tastes and hobbies change as they grow.

A flat lay of paint card samples and a bunny

You may go for a fully themed room with curtains and bedding to match but there’s always that chance that they love Paw Patrol one minute but move on the superheroes a couple of months later!

Children’s rooms though are a great space to get creative with and there are a few of ways to tackle decorating your little ones room.

The first is to go for a plain room and accessorise with pictures and bedding to bring through a theme. When I was expecting my little boy we made the choice to not find out what we were having, so we went for a plain cream coloured room, with a plain light shade and curtains but I wanted a little bit of a theme and didn’t want the room to be boring!

So I framed some small Peter Rabbit cards that Granny picked up and I hung them around the room. Ok, I didn’t, Daddy did! I also ordered some Peter Rabbit fabric and made a cushion cover and curtain tie-backs. I later added a little bunny rug and night lights. It wasn’t overly expensive but it made a difference.

A grid of photos showing bunny themed room items, including peter rabbit books and cushion

His room has changed twice since then! Once to Thomas the Tank Engine and then to Avengers. A change of pictures and bedding makes a quick and easy difference.

Now, the other alternative is to go for something massively creative. A full themed room with matching curtains, bedding, lighting and carpet! Yes carpet! A few weeks ago I saw a Lightning McQueen carpet! But this can be expensive and limits you changing the room in the future.

There is another way though to meet in the middle and give your little ones room an amazing theme with just one item.

Wall murals have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years and whether it be hand-painted or the sticker kind there is a theme for everyone!

There’s a huge collection available from companies like Wallsauce and you don’t need to be a kid to appreciate them! Anything from abstract to cityscapes, onto cars, pirates and mermaids!!

There’s silly animal prints for children and stylish ones for grown-ups.

A wall mural of safari animals smiling

A stag wall mural

You’ll also find incredible fantasy and sci-fi murals. If you little one is space obsessed they’ll love murals like this one.

A childs bedroom showing a space wall mural

 For the mermaid and pirate fans there’s these!

A wall mural featuring a whale and a mermaid

A pirate themed wall mural in a childs room

They are so many themes on offer its difficult to choose! Once you have though the murals are printed made to measure meaning they can be a perfect fit to your room! They can even me made on to peel and stick paper making them perfect for temporary or rented accommodation.

Whether you go for a plain but accessorised room, a full theme or an eye-catching mural, there’s something for most budgets!

Now it’s time to get creative!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Unicorn Sundae

The world is a little bit unicorn obsessed right now and that has now spread over to food! A quick flick round the internet and Pinterest will fill you full of ideas and hunger!

Inspired by all things unicorn the other day I created these!!!

Unicorn sundaes made with sweets and ice cream and a pink cone for a horn

Want to give them a try? This is what you'll need!!

  • Glass jars or sundae glasses (ours are washed and reused beetroot jars!)
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Unicorn slices - £1 @ Asda
  • Glitter jelly - 39p @ Home Bargains
  • Drumstick Squashies - 89p @ Home Bargains
  • Raspberry ripple ice cream - £1.80 @ Sainsburys
  • Marshmallows - 89p @ Home Bargains
  • Squirty cream - 99p @ Asda
  • Rainbow drops - £1 @ Poundland
  • Pink cones - 89p @ Home Bargains
  • Strawberry sauce - £1 @ Poundland
  • Unicorn sprinkles - £1 @ Asda
Some of the ingredients and equipment listed

Now, I realise that this is a lot of ingredients and perhaps isn't like my usual budget bakes or crafts BUT we had lots of ingredients left from making two very large sundaes. I could of easily made two more! If you were to use jam jar sized glasses you could probably make 6 to 8 sundaes! To make 8 would cost around £1.10 each and is cheaper than most singular ice creams! Anyway, lets get started! 

First, make up the jelly and put in the fridge to set. I did this the night before I planned to do the sundaes but the jelly was fully set in a couple of hours. When the jelly is ready cut up a unicorn slice for each sundae and put into the glass.

Unicorn slice cakes with pink and yellow icing

Some of the cake cut up and in the glass jar

Then add a spoon full of jelly.

Cake in the glass jars at the side of a jug of jelly

Jelly added to the jar

Follow this with a small handful of squashies.

Squashies added to the jar

Next add a scoop or two of ice cream.

Ice cream added to the jar

Then add a handful of marshmallows.

Marshmallow added to the jar

Top with squirty cream and decorate with unicorn sprinkles, rainbow drops and add the wafer cone.

Squirty cream added to the jars

Unicorn sprinkles,rainbow drops and a pink cone added to the cream

Finish with strawberry sauce.

Strawberry sauce added to the top of the sundae

Serve and experience the yummy taste of a unicorn sundae, along with a possible sugar rush! 

Unicorn sundaes made with sweets and ice cream and a pink cone for a horn

Unicorn sundaes made with sweets and ice cream and a pink cone for a horn

Unicorn sundaes made with sweets and ice cream and a pink cone for a horn

Unicorn sundaes made with sweets and ice cream and a pink cone for a horn

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Product Review - Letterbox Cake by Baker Days

Those that have read my blog since the fertility days or follow me on social media will know I love cake. Like really, really love cake. When dieting I've been know to skip meals to try and justify a dessert of, you've guessed it, cake! 

So, when I was asked to try the letterbox cake by Baker Days I jumped at the chance! A cake that fits through the letterbox!! Yes, through the letterbox!!!

Small letterbox sized box with the name baker days on it

With JJ's birthday approaching I decided to pick a cake to take along to his party. There was lots of different designs with trains, pirates and cars among the options. As he was having a party with the theme of a well known group of pups, I went for 'red dog photo cake' and added a photograph and personalised message.

A small cake iced with the print of a dalmatian dog dressed as a fire service dog, a birthday message and space for a photo are also on the cake

For the sponge I went with gluten free as one of JJ's nursery friends has a very strict gluten free diet and it was ideal to get a separate cake. 

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised! Even though the postman had a problem getting it through our new, very stiff letterbox, the 12cm cake was intact! 

A red haired boy holding the cake

Placed and iced on a board and then put into a small tin, it was securely transported in a small cardboard box. 

An open box with a tin and a card marked just for you

It was well received at JJ's birthday and we took what was left home to enjoy with a cuppa, and we so did enjoy it! The cake was incredibly tasty and through enjoyed by myself and JJ! Daddy didn't get a any! 

The card and the open tin showing the iced cake

If you're looking for a unique gift for a special occassion, be it a birthday, father's day, graduation or just a little treat for someone special, head on over and have a look at Baker Days.

The iced cake

The fab team at Baker Days are kindly offering my readers 15% using the code MUMMYSNOWOWL15, but be quick! The code expires on 30th June!


Mummy Snowy Owl

*Cake gifted
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Product Review - Staccups

Evenings in can get a bit repetitive! A movie here, a Netflix binge there, it's easy to end up doing the same things over and over. You might be a  bit bored. You might even contemplate doing the ironing!!!


There's much more to be done. After our recent fun with Yeti in My Spaghetti we decided to give another board game a go. This one though is for 8+ so is more for the grownups, so JJ sat this one out but he's keen to give it a try!

Staccups by University Games is a four player game, that sees you race against your opponent to stack all your cups first. 

Staccups box

Each cup has a coloured cap added to it and they are split between the players. 

Staccups box and contents including cups, caps and podiums

Podium and stacking cups

The game starts by pushing the button in the centre of the podium to find out which colour you will start with. 

Podium with changing colour circles

Your first cup must match that colour on the podium and your next cup must match the cap of that cup and so on. 

Cups being stacked on the podium

When all the players can't match the cup to the cap you press the podium button again until you have a winner. 

When I was first asked to give Staccups I try I was concerned it was more complicated than it was and I wasn't sure if I'd like it but I really do! The instructions are easy to follow and it is super easy to play. Much to Daddy's dismay I also won all 3 of our games!!!!! It's also small enough to take away on holidays, so it'll be joining us in a few weeks in the caravan! 

Even though this game is for 8+ I feel it could help younger players with learning colours and playing with accuracy. I also think it could help older player keep their minds alert and I'll be asking Granny for game, although she will probably cheat as always!

If you'd like to give Staccups it's available at Amazon here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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