Tuesday 14 March 2017


The last few weeks have been spent cutting down on Joseph's sweet treats and unhealthy snacks. I'm keen though to not get stuck in a rut with the same old offerings, so I was super excited when the folks over at ChewyMoon asked me to give their subscription snacks a try.

ChewyMoon logo

ChewyMoon is the creation of four friends, Verena, Laurence, Nick and Lijo, who are passionate about nutrition and healthy snacks. What makes them different though to other healthy through your door snack services? Well ChewyMoon is the first one for kids!

But what makes it different from the adult ones? Well, the super cool packaging is just the start. 

ChewyMoon subscription boxes

Engaging, bright and quirky, from the moment the boxes arrived through our letter box they had Joseph's attention. There were lots of "oooooooo", "awwww" and the favourite "me, let me see".

ChewyMoon subscription box

ChewyMoon subscription box

We received two boxes, one just for kids and one family box. The contents of the boxes are based on your child's age and what their body and brains need to develop.

Inside each box was a selection of snacks. five in the children's box and seven in the family box, with two of them in the latter being for us grown ups!

ChewyMoon subscription box, open and showing the snacks

ChewyMoon subscription box, open and showing the snacks

There was also a science fact card, stackable toy and comic strip for the kids and the all important nutrition information for parents.

Card inserts from the subscription boxes

Card inserts from subscription boxes

With flavours like Freak Fruits, Snacko Italiano, Chery Cola and Jack N' Fruit we were keen to get stuck in and try them! Freaky Fruits and Beary Friends were our favourites! 

ChewyMoon snack packs and their contents

ChewyMoon snack packs open and showing their contents

Made with all natural ingredients they are full of goodness but still very yummy!

Now, I'll be quite honest, there were one or two snacks that Joseph really wasn't sure about! As some of the snacks were so different to what he's used to though I didn't think that a couple out of ten was that bad going!! He didn't dislike them for long though. I left them in his bowl in the hope he'd try them again and he did, especially when he spotted Mummy having a taste! 

Red haired boy enjoying snacks

ChewyMoon gives the opportunity to introduce your little ones to new flavours and tastes.

Red haired boy eating snacks

If you want a unique way to introduce healthy snacks to your little ones give ChewyMoon a try. A subscription is £4.93 a week, which includes a monthly family box.  

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  1. Banana it gives me a slow release of energy

  2. I love to have a small packet of nuts which I munch throughout the day.

  3. We love raisins, they're great for you & a healthy snack

  4. They look fantastic! My boys would love them. Thank you for linking up to #SundayBest x

  5. These sound great, I think my kids would love them.

    Thanks for linking to #AnythingGoes

    Janet :)