Thursday 2 March 2017

Charity Spotlight - Marie Curie and the Great Daffodil Appeal!

March is the month that brings signs of spring as lambs, blossom and daffodils fill the country. When you're out and about this month you may spot a few more daffodils in the shape of the Marie Curie fundraisers as March brings their Great Daffodil Appeal.

Daffodil bunting, with a jug of daffodils and a tiered cake stand filled with cakes

Marie Curie provide support for those living with a terminal illness. Whether it be advice on financial matters, palliative care or support for the bereaved, Marie Curie can help. That's why the Great Daffodil Appeal and fundraising for Marie Curie is so important.

As part of their appeal, Marie Curie are asking people to get involved and raise money. Would you like to fundraise for Marie Curie? Fancy holding a cake and cuppa session? Well, I've created a few ideas to help you on your way and will show you how to create all of this.

A table set for afternoon tea with cups and saucers, cupcakes on a stand, teapot and a jug filled with fresh daffodils

First off. decorations. How about some daffodil bunting?

You'll need
  • Yellow card
  • One piece of paper or card for a template
  • Cake cases
  • Ribbon or string
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
Start by creating a template for your daffodil petals. If you're not confident doing one by hand a quick Google search will soon find you one. Cut out the template and draw around it on the yellow card. Draw as many as you would like. Cut out and then glue a cake case to the centre of each of the sets of petals. Cut a piece of ribbon or string to the length of the bunting you would like. Tape the daffodils to it, spacing them out a little as you go. There's your daffodil bunting!

Craft items, including card, scissors, tape, cake cases, ribbon, pencil and glue  Daffodil template

Yellow card cut out using the daffodil template

Cup cake cases glued to the centre of the yellow daffodil cut outs   A string of ribbon being glued to the back of the daffodils

Daffodil bunting hanging from the wall

Now for the all important cakes! Plenty of your guests will probably bring snacks and treats along, especially if you plan a cake sale, but as the host or hostess you need something a little eye catching. How about some daffodil cakes?

You'll need to make a dozen cup cakes first. A normal sponge receipe will do. If you're not a regular baker have a look at the BBC Good Food website. 

Cake ingredients, mixing bowl, baking tray and a bowl  

Raw cakes waiting to go into the oven

Once your cakes are made you'll need to decorate them.

For this you'll need
  • Marzipan or yellow icing
  • Jam
  • Fruit pastilles or jelly tots
  • One piece of paper or card for a template
  • Scissors
  • Rolling pin
  • Knife 
As you did with the bunting you will need to make a template with the card or paper for your daffodil petals. Cut this out. Roll out your marzipan or icing and lay the template on top of it. Go around it with the knife, making one for each cake. Place a tiny amount of jam on to the cake and lay the flower you have made over it. Then place a small amount of jam on the bottom of a sweet and place that in the centre of the flower. Continue until each of your cakes have a topping and there are your daffodil cakes!

Marzipan on a wooden board, rolling pin and daffodil template  

Cup cakes with a daffodil made from marzipan and sweets

Set the scene with a bunch of flowers, cups and saucers and a bright table cloth. My cloth was actually an old sheet I dyed yellow for the occassion! Invite friends, family and colleagues but most importantly raise funds for Marie Curie.

A table set for afternoon tea with cups and saucers, cupcakes on a stand, teapot and a jug filled with fresh daffodils

If you'd like to read more about Marie Curie and the Great Daffodil Appeal take a look here.

Marie Curie do outstanding work to support those battling terminal illness and their families. That's why my Charity Spotlight shines on them this month.

Please read, share and donate. 

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  1. Lovely idea and great post, I hope this encourages others to give generously to this wonderful charity. #SundayBest

  2. What a great idea. We raised money for Marie Curie in my previous job at a Nursery. The kids loved being involved #Sundaybest

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  4. What wonderful ideas! The daffodil bunting is so pretty. Thanks for sharing with #SundayBest x

  5. Such a cute tea party arrangement. I might have to have a go at that bunting! Well done for supporting this great cause xx

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