Sunday 5 March 2017

Wafer Moments with Kiddylicious

Those of you that have read my recent posts will know we have been trying to eat a little more healthy and avoid giving the ginger hurricane naughty snacks.

Kiddylicious sent us a fab box of treats that Joseph absolutely loved, to the point that he now asks for them over other snacks and sweet treats. Parenting Win!! Last time I told you about the sweet alternatives we were sent but this time I want to tell you about what was in our other Kiddylicious care package. 

Not only was there treats for Mummy in the shape of a mug, tea, nail file set and a varnish, there was also a selection of their wafers.

A selection of kiddylicious snacks

At first glance I chuckled to myself. Joseph isn't going to eat those, not a chance. Especially the carrot flavour. Aimed at babies starting to wean, there was no chance I could get my toddler to eat this healthy looking snack. Smoothie Melts and Fruit Wiggles, yes. Wafers, no. 

When Joseph caught me looking through the box he immediately asked for one, getting his bowl out of the cupboard in preparation. Obviously, I let him try one and as he ate his wafer, I was forced to eat my words.


Not only did he eat it, he enjoyed it and asked for another, and it was carrot flavoured. How wrong Mummy was.

The wafers have now become a frequent addition to our snack cupboard and they are one of our go to's when we are off out for the day. A couple of weekends ago we spent two days car shopping with Granny and this would be the type day we would load up with naughty treats to keep him sweet! Not this time. 

Kiddylicious snacks with fresh fruit and a colouring book

This is what we took and do you know what? He was as good as gold and there was no post sugar rush grumpiness! 


If you're starting to wean or already weaning consider giving the Kiddylicious wafers a try. They are gluten and lactose free, have no artifical flavours or colours, along with no added preservatives, plus they aren't messy! If you've got a toddler try giving them as a snack. 

Wafer snacks and fresh fruit

Now, I will say that Joseph may or may not think they are crisps but does it matter? They aren't crisps and that's the most important thing. 

For more on the Kiddylicious range look here.

Red haired toddler eating a wafer snack


Mummy Snowy Owl!

Item gifted

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