Thursday 9 March 2017

Surviving the supermarket with a toddler!

When my now two year old was a baby I used to feel sick at the thought of going to the supermarket. I'd be the Mum sweating all the way round the shop from the fear that the baby would wake and worst of all cry.

Now I wish it was as simple as timing a trip to avoid a feed because taking a toddler shopping is a whole different ball game. It takes preparation, bribes and a bit of courage but it is doable.

Here's my tips for surviving the supermarket with a toddler!

Redheaded toddler wearing oversized sunglasses whilst sitting in a supermarket trolley

Strap them in! 
For those of you who like to let your children run free and experience the world this perhaps isn't for you. Personally, I have the Usain Bolt of toddlers and the last time I let him walk he scooted under a barrier and sprinted away as he shrieked with excitement. I have never moved so fast in my life. I may have actually hurdled a stack of baskets trying to reach him. So now he goes in the trolley or his pushchair, unless Daddy's with us for the 100m sprint!

A game
If my toddler gets restless I tend to ask him what he can see. Can you see the apples? Can you see the milk? Can you see the cat food? Well done, high five!

Larger supermarkets often have the stalls with samples to taste, so take a look and see if there's anything for your little one to try. There's also the offer of free fruit in some supermarkets and this is a firm favourite with us.

I know, I know, bad Mummy but when a toddler refuses to get in the trolley and is kicking you in the ribs whilst screaming like you've told them Paw Patrol has been cancelled I find an offer of something they might want turns them into little angels. It doesn't have to be anything big, expensive or chocolaty. A few raisins or their favourite TV show on your phone can go a long way.

Remember your bag
Yes, this may sound obvious but a couple of times I've left it in the car and when I have something has always happened that has resulted in a need for a wet wipe or ten! 

Be prepared for the checkout!
If, like me, you visit a budget supermarket there's no help with the packing. It's more a catch it before it falls off the end situation but with some practice you can avoid the checkout sweats. First, don't join a short queue. They'll start scanning before you've got everything on the belt and there will be no catching up. Save some bribes for the checkout to keep the toddler entertained and have your bags ready and open to pack.We also use a large Ikea bag for the last few bits as you can literally open it up and throw stuff in. 
If you're a big supermarket shopper use the self scan hand held device and pack as you go. It makes things much easier and there's no checkout sweats!

Hopefully these few tips will help you get through the shopping with a toddler in tow but most importantly keep calm, you've got this!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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  1. Great post. My youngest is 6 now so we are past this stage but I remember... oh, yes I do. We still have an occasional case of the pouts for not buying this or that, or because we didn't take time to look at the newest lego sets.

  2. I'm that parent that doesn't even brave the supermarket with my child... Not for a full on weekly shop anyway. I'm an online grocery shopper - that's my number one tip! #DreamTeam