Thursday 24 March 2022

Summer Essentials For Your Daughter

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With summer just around the corner, it is time to prepare your girl's warm weather wardrobe. Take some time to plan a lovely dress and matching accessories for the upcoming special occasions. 

Here are some tips to consider!

Little girl with braided hair, looking out over a straw field

Something Lovely To Wear
Some days your little one wants to wear a tee-shirt and shorts. On other days, she hopes for a beautiful dress. Look for high-quality girls' summer dresses for your special summer event. She will look lovely in a fun, well-made frock that will flow around her as she spins and twirls.

Choose a dress for a special occasion that will be picture perfect. Or you can take family photos with your daughter styled in a coordinating new dress. These dresses are well-suited for summer weddings and parties, as well.

Something Pretty Or Cool And Functional To Carry
A summer essential is definitely a rucksack, backpack, or purse. Spend some time with your child and help them decide what fun colours or patterns they wish to select. Are they interested in drawstring closures, zippers, padded shoulder straps, etc? Is a water-bottle holder necessary? Once you have your details narrowed down, it is time to go shopping for this fun new accessory.

No matter their age, it is (almost) never too early to introduce your little one to the merits and responsibilities of carrying their own belongings. There are so many benefits to behold.

If you have a child who wishes to bring most of their worldly possessions with them when leaving the house for any amount of time having them pack their own rucksack will work wonders. They will need to spend some time with the concept of only bringing that which they can comfortably carry. Once they get used to this idea, leaving the house will be a quicker affair than before because they will understand what items will fit in their pack.

And, finally, your load becomes a little bit lighter. At least that will be the case until they get tired and you are carrying both your child and their rucksack in your arms! Remember to label the rucksack on the inside with your name and contact information should it be misplaced or forgotten on one of your adventures.

Something To Protect
With the warm summer rays comes a need to protect your child's eyes. Spending more time outdoors in the sunlight means more exposure to the sun’s rays. You already know about proper sunscreen and sunblock usage, but what about eye protection? This is where sunglasses come into use.

Encourage your child to wear well-fitting sunglasses when they are outdoors during the day. Invest in a few pairs to mix and match with summer clothing. Find a fun and stylish pair of sunglasses to wear with their new summer dress for a special occasion. The photos will be adorable.

If there is any hesitancy in wearing sunglasses, show this encouraging video to your kids.

Once your little one has the dress of her dreams, a bag to carry her special belongings, and sunglasses to protect her eyes it is time to check a couple more things off of the list. Remember to find a pair of comfortable yet stylish and matching shoes along with some pretty jewellery.

Now she is all set for the summer fun that is yet to come.

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