Saturday 11 August 2018

Summer Spotters

Here in the UK we have had a super hot summer but the nights will soon start to draw in and the weather will cool. Before the fun in the sun is all over though here's a little activity for the kids, Summer Spotters!

This is an ideal activity if you're going on a long journey or just want something that is free to do! 

So, can you spot the 10 signs of summer?

1. Clear skies and sunshine!

The UK summer isn't all clouds and rain, can you spot a clear sky and sunshine?

Blue skies, green grass and a small solitary cloud

2. Flowers in full bloom!

The spring bulbs have now gone and many gardens and parks will now be in full bloom and a variety of colours, can you spot them?

Garden with a boarder full of flowers

 3. Cricket!

A popular summer sport, you'll often see cricket being paid on local pitches or parks. Can you spot the players in their cricket whites?

Cricket ball on green grass

 4. Thunderstorms!

With the hot weather thunderstorms soon follow, so can you hear the thunder and spot the lightening?

Lightening storm

 5. Caravans being towed!

Caravan and motorhome holidays are very popular in the UK, especially in the summer. Can you spot caravans being towed or mobile homes being driven on the way to their holidays?

Motorhome lit up in the darkness

 6. Butterflies!

Caterpillars have had their snooze and are now butterflies. They come in all different shapes and sizes, how many can you spot?

A butterfly landing on a flower

7. Ice cream vans!

Whether they are resident in your local park or driving round with the music playing, ice cream vans bring yummy treats over the summer. Have you seen any?

Ice cream cone held up

 8. Weddings!

In the hope of fair weather, there are lots of weddings during the summer months. Have you been to any? Or have you seen a bride and groom outside a church, registry office or temple?

Lake with large building in the background and a bride and groom on the steps

 9. Bees!

Bees are out in force over the summer and they play an important part in pollinating our flowers and crops. Have you seen lots of bees?

Bee on a flower

 10. Picnics!

Venturing out and enjoying a picnic is a popular and fun activity for over the summer. Have you been on a picnic or have you spotted a family or group of friends enjoying one?

Picnic basket on a table with a picnic cloth

Did you manager to spot the signs of summer? Let me know in the comments!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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