Thursday 16 August 2018

Making Moving Home A Little Less Stressful

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Are you about to move house? Are you preparing to uproot your entire life and move across a street, town, city or maybe the country to make a new home elsewhere? When you've got a family take care of at the same time though, its a lot harder to do than some people realise, but it doesn't have to be an impossible feat.

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Being a mum or Dad often means you have to be in charge of a lot within your household but when moving home, events are often out of your control and you might feel stressed. By the time the physical move comes around you might be tearing your hair out! When I was young we moved a lot and I know my Mum (hello Mother, if you're reading this) found some of the moves especially stressful! 

It doesn't have to be though! Get prepared with some tips and trick, and stay calm and collected! You're a parent you can handle this!


Find the right movie company

You're probably going to struggle to fit all the boxes into the back of your car and the sofa might not fit in your friends van. Avoid the panic of squashing everything into your car and the stress on its suspension and book a removals firm.

Get plenty of quotes and book as early as possible and you may even bag a bargain. Even after booking keep all the quotes to hand in case your first choice cancels or you hear bad reviews. Going on recommendations is also a good idea. Websites like Shiply can help you find the ideal team to help you move. 

Dedicate time to the process

Packing a few bits here and there when you have a spare five or ten minutes is going to drag things out but if you work full-time you may struggle to get things done.

If you've got some annual leave available, book some time off,  arrange some childcare and take a good few hours to get packing! Make sure you take time for a break too, so you don't get bogged down with it all and can stay on top of other day to day things as well! 

Make a plan

Moving home isn't just packing and transporting your belongings from old home to new home, it's also fitting your life into the the area that you're moving. So make sure you make the time to complete the admin side of things too. 

Research schools. find a new GP, contact the power and water companies, get the phone lines connected and the WIFI rerouted. Don't leave these things until you arrive at your new home as they can often be more complicated than you expect and you'll need to concentrate on unpacking and settling in.

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If you're about to move, now's the time to get your head clear, be organised and prepare yourself for a stress free house move! Good luck! 

Mummy Snowy Owl

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