Thursday 30 August 2018

5 Tips To Prepare Parents For School Life

For us the fun of the school run starts next week but as I recently went self-employed we've got into a bit of a relaxed routine.

Sleeping in later, getting to nursery when we feel like it and faffing around a lot!

We need to be organised and get into a routine! As a family we get a bit lazy and forgetful if we aren't sticking to a plan and schedule, so I'm getting organised ready for commencing the school run next week!

All my other school posts have been about preparing the kids but this post is for preparing us grown-ups! So, here are 5 things you can do to be prepared for school life!

1. Label clothes

Have you been so busy buying uniform and PE kit that you've forgotten the all important labelling? It's not too late! I used a stamp from Stamptastic, which I love but if you've not got time to order one have a look in your local school uniform shops for iron on labels. Many of them offer a service where they'll print your labels whilst you wait. Failing that a simple Sharpie or pen offer a quick fix!

Plimsolls next to a stamp and ink pad

Labeling uniform will help ensure your little one brings back the right clothes and save you time looking for a missing jumper either at home or school. It will also save you money on replacements!

2. Layout clothes

Laying out all your little ones uniform, including their shoes, each night will stop the panic of looking for a clean shirt or missing shoe. Get them involved by asking them to pick out their pants and socks and gradually they maybe able to take on the little task of laying out their uniform. 

School uniform laid out

Make sure to pick out your clothes and have them ready too. You don't want to spend ages searching for a certain pair of jeans when you need to be heading out the door.

3. Tag the bags

At my little boy's school they can take a drawstring bag or a small backpack of any design but they also have two separate bags for books and their PE Kit, which are school colours and the same design for everyone! If your little one struggles to spot their name or panics if they can't find something, it's a good idea to tag their bags.

Book bag and drawstring bag laid out with scissors and ribbon

Let them pick a themed ribbon or simply use a hairband to go around the handle or strap, meaning they will easily know, which bag is theirs.

4. Pick a spot

Where's you bag? Shoes? Drink? Scattered around the house?! Pick a spot for all the essentials to be left and ready to be put on and taken. Put your own shoes, bag and keys nearby too. 

School bag, bottle and shoes laid out

If you little one takes a snack or lunch with them leave a post-it on your bag or keys to make sure it's not forgotten.

5. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you think you need to

We all like that extra 10 minutes in bed but the chances are if you're running late you'll get stuck in traffic or your little one will need the loo! 

iPhone showing the alarm clock

Giving yourself an extra 10 or 15 minutes will give you a little breathing space for those little emergencies! 

I hope these tips help you get ready for school run fun! Tissues at the ready! It's not long now!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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