Friday 6 July 2018

Preparing Your Child For School

I know people say time goes quickly, even more so when you have children, but where have the last 4 years gone!

It seems like yesterday that I waddled across the hospital car park, as Daddy carried out new born in his car seat, yet here we are preparing our little one for school!

A folded school uniform with crayons, pencil case, pencil and ruler laid on it and around it

Over the last few weeks we've had information meetings with school and nursery, where each have given great advice on getting your child ready for school. Their practical tips have been super helpful so I thought I'd share them with you!

Here's the 5 most important.

1. Toilet habits

This is quite an obvious one but you'd be surprised how many teaching friends have told me that lots of children can't or aren't confident enough to sort themselves out at toilet time when they start school.

A photo of a toilet roll, wet wipes and handwash

So, make sure they can take their clothes up and down, practicing with buttons, zips and tights. Make sure they can wipe themselves and are confident enough to deal with a poop. Also, do they know what to do if they've had a toilet accident and not got there in time? Talk them through what to do, how to change and who to ask for help. Oh, and remind them to wash their hands!!

2. Dressing and undressing

Some schools still do pants and vests PE but many, even from Reception age, have a full PE kit.

A photo of school uniform with some spiderman socks

Make sure they can dress and undress with ease, including turning clothes back from inside out and getting their shoes on the right feet!

3. Unpack and unwrap food

Can your little one unwrap a sandwich? Peel back a yogurt lid? Peel a banana?

A photo of food laid out, banana, apple, muffin, fruit pot, yogurt

Each of these can be a struggle and the chances are you usually give them their food open and prepared. Let their little fingers practice ahead of school time so they aren't nervous or worried at lunchtime or come home hungry!

4. Using cutlery! A fork AND a knife!

This one caused a bit of a gasp among our parent friends! A knife!

Child's knife, fork and spoon laid out on a napkin

JJ is a big eater and loves his food and has halfheartedly used a knife for a while but for many of his friends even plastic knives have been kept away. If you're child is going to be having school dinners though, they need to be confident in cutting up their dinners!

5. Write and identify their name

A child that can identify their name can sign themselves in on a registration board, name their work and spot their jumper in a pile of identical school uniforms. They can find their coat peg and hopefully their coat too! 

Notepad with names written on it with a pencil, pencil case, crayons and a ruler along side it

If they can write their name they can label their work, paintings and crafts.

It's not long now until school starts so I hope these tips and tricks help!

Do you have any tips to help kids prepare for school? Let me know in the comments!

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