Wednesday 4 July 2018



Photos. We taken them at any and every opportunity, but how often do you print them off? Frame them?

So many of our memories are stuck on our phones. How many do you flick through and feel a rush of emotion when you see a favourite. I know I do!

We still have pictures from our 2016 trip to Disneyland Paris that we haven't printed off! After our most recent trip I wanted to make sure to print off some of our favourites.

Regular readers will know we've had work done to our house and redecorating our bedroom is the next job. I planning a photo shelf and Disney photo is a must for us! In preparation for our newly decorated room, and as a reminder to the husband to get the paint brushes out, I decided to start picking which photos I wanted.

One of my favourite photos of our latest Disneyland Paris trip is this one.

Donald Duck with a little boy

A smartly dressed Donald and smiley boy! This picture holds so many memories for us and we were so lucky to have an amazing interaction with Donald!

I decided I wanted the photo to be on canvas and headed over to the CanvasChamp website. I sometimes find photograph websites a bit awkward to navigate, with sizes, centering and finishes to take into consideration but CanvasChamp is very user friendly!

Its simple to upload your photos, select the size and position them. What I also love is that there's lots of offers, so you can regularly grab a bargain! 

When the canvas arrived I was even more impressed! Again you can sometimes be disappointed when prints or canvas' arrive, the image can be blurred or discoloured but this canvas was perfect. 

Donald Duck and little boy

The image was perfect! The colour was perfect!

Donald Duck and little boy

With an easy to use website, prompt delivery and perfect prints I'll definitely be using CanvasChamp again!

Canvas print featuring Donald Duck and a little boy, along with Mickey ears headband and two Disney maps

It's time for the memories to be released from our phones and be looked at and remembered fondly in our homes.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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