Sunday 15 July 2018

Hill Top

Regular readers will know that I love a day out! Especially a National Trust one!! On our recent holiday to the Lake District we put our membership to work and visited three places in five days!!

My favourite though has to be Hill Top, the former home of Beatrix Potter. The 17th century farmhouse is a time-capsule of her life and gives a true insight to both Beatrix and her home.

Exterior of 17th century farmhouse

Hill Top differs a little to other National Trust properties as you can't just turn up and wander round. On arrival you need to visit the ticket office, where you will be given a timed slot to enter the house. As the house is small and extremely popular the slots are given to steady the flow of visitors. 

The last time we visited (pre-child) we waited over an hour for our slot but this time we waited a short 20 minutes and by the time we had walked up to the house from the car park, visited the loos and bought a drink it was time to go in!

Mum and little boy standing at the side of Hill Top

We visited during the British heatwave and it was a really beautiful day to visit. We were met by a volunteer on the path who gave our 4 year old, Joseph, a trail to do, although I think Daddy did most of it!

Little boy walking up a garden path

The gardens at Hill Top were in full bloom and you could really see all the hard work that the National Trust put into the maintaining them. 

Flower boarder full of blooms with a stone path alongside of it

Boarder full of blooms

Boarder full of blooms

As we entered the house Joseph was given a copy of one of Beatrix's books and told to look through it as he looked round the house to see if he could spot where some of the scenes were set. There were books in each room to look at and he really took an interest in comparing them.

Mum and son in front of an old window looking at books

There is so much to look at in the rooms of Hill Top. Family portraits, copies of Beatrix's letters, her trinkets and so much more! It gives an amazing insight into her life and I'm really happy that we got to return and take Joseph with us.

Fire place surrounded by pictures and trinkets

We really made some memories whilst visiting but I think my favourite is probably of Joseph drawing at the easel in the garden. With the sun shining on us as I past him the crayons we seemed a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A little boy outside standing at an easel and drawing on a sheet titled 'the tale of'

As with many of my days out I like to share little facts or tips to help your visit and here are my top ones for visiting the wonderful Hill Top.

  • Parking is VERY limited and you are only allowed to drive around the car park once before being sent on your way by the volunteers, so be prepared to park further away and walk. We were able to get in a even smaller car park up the road with an honest box for payment and were opposite a fantastic play park, which Joseph had to have a go on!
  • Tickets are bought from the office in the car park. Don't walk up to the house without your timed ticket! You won't get in!
  • There are toilets and a gift shop but there's no cafe or restaurant, although cold drinks can be bought from the shop.
  • Pushchairs can't go inside Hill Top so you'll need a baby carrier if your child is little or can't be trusted. The latter being the reason we haven't taken Joseph before, especially after the Belton House incident!
  • Even if you don't have a child make sure you have a look at the books scattered around the house. It's fascinating to see the scenes in person.
Hill Top is a place where so many of our childhood stories were created and if you ever get the chance make sure you stop by to see them in person.

Woman sitting in a window seat with a book in her hand

Mummy Snowy Owl

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