Thursday 26 July 2018

Picking The Perfect Rug

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There's lots of finishing touches when decorating a room that can really complete it. Pictures, photographs, candles, cushions and rugs can all help set the scene for a warm and welcoming home. 

Picking a couple of cushions and framing a few photos is easily done and doesn't involve a huge amount of money but picking something like a rug takes much more consideration.

A pile of rugs

What size? What colour? What texture? It's all a lot to take in and consider.

As we're currently in the grips of a heatwave now may not seem the best time to buy a rug but think of the bargains you could find! It's an ideal time to get cheap rugs for the home.

Still not sure how to choose? Take a look at this!

An infographic guide on how to pick the perfect rug

So now you're all equipped and ready to pick a rug! 

Stop by Land of Rugs and you'll even get 10% using code blogger01. Go grab a bargain! 

Just think how cosy you'll be come winter! 

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