Wednesday 11 July 2018

The No More Worries Kit


Growing up should be worry free and full of fun but for more and more children this is simply not the case.

More and more children are suffering from anxiety and have too many worries for their little selves. 

To help children deal with their emotion and worries, and to also open up conversation between parent and child, The Irish Fairy Door Company have created The No More Worries Kit.

A colourful box containing the kit, including a mini plaque, cards and journal

Reverse of the box, also showing the contents and how to use the kit

Containing a Feelings Journal, Conversation Cards and a No More Worries Mini Plaque, it is easy to use and the bright packaging alone can spark a conversation with your child. It certainly did when ours arrived!!

The kit out of the box

The kit offers a few ways to use it, either altogether or separately. 

The journal is a place to write and share worries or happy times. My little boy is 4, so can't currently write in his journal himself but I'm thinking of using it to record his days at school when he starts in September and plan to ask him what he liked and disliked each day. I'm hoping this will help him open up to talk about what is happening at school.

The journal, illustrated with a rainbow, clouds and hot air balloon

The open journal, showing blank striped pages with illustrations along the top of sad and happy fairies and unicorns

The cards are to prompt conversation. I used a couple of cards with JJ and I was surprised how well he answered them and what his answers were. It really made me think about the memories he is building and that we are making with and for him.

The conversation cards, on a range subjects including good and bad days, memories etc

The plaque comes on a clip so is ideal to keep on or in a school bag. It's activated by holding your thumb over the print area, turning from red to green as you share your worries with the fairies. I explained this to JJ and he gave it a try and again I was surprised by how much he grasped it.

Plastic mini plaque that is made to look like wood with No More Worries written on it and a finger print that is glowing red

A close up of the child's hands using the plaque

The plaque glowing green

A child using the plaque with it now glowing green

From using the kit for just a few days I was surprised how much our 4 year old shared and understood. JJ had started to share more of his feelings with us recently and The No More Worries Kit has definitely opened up the opportunity to talk more about them. I'm definitely going to be using this more to help with the run of emotions that come with starting school. 

Mummy can use it too, right?

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