Tuesday 3 July 2018

Fair Squared


Soap, shampoos, gels and creams are just some of the toiletries we use everyday. Their daily use is probably something we take for granted, unless of course, you have a problem.

In November of last year, and again this January, I was the person with a problem! On both occasions I had an allergic reaction to shampoo, with each being well known leading brands that I'd used before and boasted about new formulas!

My face was a horrible red colour, like I had severe sunburn, swollen and tight. I was prescribed steroid cream by my GP and swigged antihistamines from the bottle! Not one of my finest moments!

Since then I've avoided anything with a massive amount of chemicals or a formula change and more natural products have become my go-to.

So I've recently tried Fair Squared shampoo, along with their shaving treatments. Fair Squared products are made using fairly traded natural ingredients and are suitable for vegans.

One box marked shampoo and two smaller boxes containing shaving oil and balm, with a small tin of lip balm

The shampoo uses apricot oil from Pakistan and olive oil from Palestine for a cleansing and nourishing wash. I was so impressed when I used the shampoo.

Shampoo on the back of a hand

My hair was literally squeaky clean! Unlike some natural brands it still foams and doesn't dry out your skin.

Soaped up shampoo on a pair of hands

The shaving oil and aftershave balm also contain apricot oil. The shaving oil is used without water and helps give a smooth shave. 

Shaving oil on the back of a hand

Shaving oil on the back of a hand

The balm soothes and cools, reducing any sore or red areas.

Balm on the back of a hand

Balm on the back of a hand

Being able to use the shaving products without water makes them very handy if you're in a rush or throwing on your swimsuit quickly whilst the summer makes an appearance!

I'm always a little dubious of natural products. Are they good enough without the chemicals? 

Fair Squared prove that they are good enough, in fact they are better! They do the job, smell great, pollute less and are better for you skin. Oh, and the lip balm! One of the best I've ever used! 

Unboxed products laid out.

To read more about Fair Squared products click here.

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