Saturday 30 June 2018

4 Fantastic Outdoorsy Activities To Keep The Kids Cheery This Weekend

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Are you are over the age of technology?

Maybe bringing up your kids in a world full of iPhones, internet and social media isn’t what you had envisioned for them. In order to prevent them from becoming addicted to the online world it is important to give them outdoor experiences to enjoy and remember. This weekend why not try and aim to have a technology free weekend and take in the wonders of the outdoors in the sunshine.

Whether you’re looking to have a fun filled family day out or stay at home and simply enjoy each other’s company. These super fun ideas will make your kids forget about television altogether!
1. Classic Camping

A tippee style tent, lit up in the darkness of a wood

If you grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, camping will bring back a lot of fond memories for you. Toasting marshmallows on the fire, telling ghost stories, lighting lanterns and huddling inside your cosy tent is what the whole experience is all about. The thought of camping is so exciting for children; the fact that they can sleep somewhere different and change up their routine is super thrilling. If you haven’t already got camping equipment then you could try glamping or a place like 4WD Supacentre. Here you will find innovative ‘Swags’ which are the latest stand-in for the old fashioned tent; you will have a very comfortable night’s sleep if you choose the one with the built in mattress!
2. Terrific Trails
A narrow path among trees, grass and ferns

Trying to fill up the day with fun filled outdoor activities can often be quite tricky, especially if your kids are used to lounging around watching television all day. Head to your local nature trail and do a treasure hunt activity as a family. This type of activity will get their competitive spirits going and it will test their problem solving skills. Nature trails are the perfect way to mix education with fun, so try it out this summer.
3. Brilliant Barbecue
A lit barbecue with skewer kebabs on the rack

A low budget way to spend more time outside with the family is to host a big barbecue, bursting with delicious recipes. Barbecues are the perfect way to entertain both adults and children at the same time. The kids can play together in the garden, whilst the grown-ups sip some ice cold sangria and indulge in some delicious dishes. Bringing people together for a social event like this in the summertime is a great way to catch up and relax as friends.
4. Picture Perfect Play in the Park
Red haired child at the end of a slide

What is it about a trip to the park that makes the kids so excited? It is like all of their dreams have come true at once whenever you suggest it. Make the most of it and take as many trips to the park as you can. It’s great exercise for them and it is refreshing to know that little ones are still getting the most out of playing outside, instead of being glued to an electronic screen.
Enjoy the sunshine and get outdoors. Let your children run in the fresh air. Forget about the latest television shows this summer and maybe try to keep technology to a minimum wherever possible. Let them be as outdoorsy as you can, so that they can appreciate the true joys of nature.

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