Sunday 3 June 2018

Top 5 Must Haves For A Disney Day!

So you've saved and saved for a trip to Disneyland Paris but as it approaches you realise you're not sure what you'll need and what to take into the parks! As a Disney fan and having visited Disneyland Paris, as well as Walt Disney World, I am often asked what people should take with them into the park.

A group picture of the must have items

Well, here's the top 5 must haves for a Disney Day!

1. Mickey Ears!

Wearable Mickey ears with a mermaid theme

There's plenty of ears available in the park and you can grab a pair as soon you hit Main Street but there's cheaper alternatives now available in high street stores like Primark. If you want something unique though Etsy is the place to go. My personal favourite is Hannah Marie Magic.

2. Comfy Shoes!

Disney themed trainers

As much as you may want a nice new pair of trainers for your Disney adventure it's not the best of ideas if you want to have blister free feet at the end of it. Make sure you're shoes are comfy, waterproof and well broken in.

3. Water!

Two bottles of water

Its not all that practical to take bottles of water in your suitcase if you're flying but if you're travelling in your car it's certainly doable. It will also save you a lot of money whilst in the parks! If you are flying though simply take a refillable bottle and fill it at breakfast. There's also water fountains spotted around but I'm personally not a fan due to the germ factor!

4. Snack pack!

Pack of snacks

We always take a little ready made snack pack for each day, with treats for kids and grownups. Kids bored in a queue? Give them a snack! Grumpy Daddy? Give him a snack! Frazzled Mummy? Have a snack love. Snack packs are also handy if you're the type of family that fill up on breakfast and don't need much to tide you over until dinner, meaning you fit more in whilst everyone else has lunch!

5. First aid kit!

Selection of first aid items

Make sure that aches and scrapes don't get you down by packing a mini first aid pack! Ours includes Calpol (or Boots' version) satchets for our little one, Cuprofen for the grownups, sun cream for all of us and hand sanitiser to keep the germs away.

Be prepared for your day at Disney and keep well, hydrated and fed and you will have the best adventure! 

Mummy Snowy Owl

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