Friday 15 June 2018

Creating A Peaceful Bedroom

Your bedroom. When you become a parent it’s no longer just yours. From the newborn days of being up and down every hour, to the toddler days when little ones sneak out of bed and into yours, which usually results in elbows in backs and feet or even little butts to your face, your bedroom is overrun with little people.

For the times that you do have it to yourself, your bedroom could be the ideal place to relax and have some quiet me time. Having somewhere to relax after a busy and stressful day could help put you at ease and allow you the time to regroup. Maybe even close the curtains and have a sneaky nap!

Bed with the covers back showing a tray with phone and coffee on a tray, glasses and a magazine laid out

For those of you that have read my Home & Lifestyle posts since they recently started, you’ll know that making changes to our bedroom has been on the cards for a little while and has also been put off a lot! Now though it’s starting to look like we may actually start to change it very soon!

As we prepare to redecorate I’ve been looking for ideas on how to create a peaceful summer bedroom. We’ve decided to go for very neutral colours on our walls, probably cream, and plan to repaint our fitted wardrobes, changing them from cream to white to match our bed.

The idea behind this is that we can then bring colour to the room with bedding, rather than try and get linens and curtains to match wallpaper or a feature wall like we have done previously.

A big reason for this is we always struggle to get curtains to fit our very wide windows and I always get confused by the sizes! Do you double the width? Is it per curtain?? I regularly enlist Granny to help with the measuring!

Having often being short of choice and disappointed with what was on offer I’ve already got an idea of the bedding and curtains we would like and I’m quite taken with this CatherineLansfield range at Yorkshire Linen. I had said we would have neutral curtains too but I like so many of these designs!

Paid of curtains hanging at a large window

Buying curtains is something I’m definitely going to give a little bit more thought to this time around. I always buy good quality bed linen from the likes of John Lewis but curtains have always been a ‘those will do situation’. I don’t think the ones we currently have ever fit properly and I’m sure have shrunk over the years.

A decent pair of curtains can really make a difference to a bedroom and buying a quality pair should probably be really seen as an investment. A good set will keep you cosy in the winter months and keep the sun from waking a newborn in the summer.  

Curtains don’t need to just hang at your window either and the tranquil feeling can be added to by using them elsewhere in the room. Use them as an alternative to doors on your wardrobes or to hide away your home office, but for us it will just be the windows.

Small desk and chair in a brightly lit bedroom, with bed at the side of the picture and a window in the background

Now where’s my tape measure!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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