Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My Fairy Garden


We are big fairy fans in this house! Yes, we believe! 

So, when I came across the My Fairy Garden range I was keen to have a peek!

Three fairies in a box

Reverse of the fairy box

From when my nieces were little I've wanted to make a fairy house, so with the My Fairy Garden fairies awaiting a home, we picked up this cute bird house for The Works.

Plain wooden bird box and paint

We gave it a lick of paint and once it was dry, headed out into the garden to play with our new fairy friends.

Painted bird house as a fairy house, with fairies and mini animals in front of it

The fairies are each unique with different hats, dresses, poses and names. There's also a selection of animals to accompany their fairy friends!

Fairies and animals

Fairies and animals

My four year old son wasn't put off with playing with them and didn't feel they were just for girls. Put then he does love Peter Pan and the super fierce and fiery Tinkerbell!!

Child playing with the animals and fairies

We played with the fairies on and off for hours and everybody that visits us is invited by JJ to visit the fairies at the bottom of the garden! 

Fairy house, animals, fairies and animals

He's still playing with them days later!

Childs hands playing with the animals and fairies

Whether you have a son or daughter, there's plenty of fun to have with fairies!

For more info and where to buy the My Fairy Garden range take a look here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

Item gifted


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