Tuesday 26 June 2018

Party Bag Tips!

Party bags can be a bit like wedding favours, in that they can sometimes be forgotten about until the last minute and if you rush them they can be very expensive!

When our little boy recently turned 4 he had his first proper big party. The venue provided the room, soft play and bouncy castle but we needed to provided food, cake and party bags. As I started to price things up I was concerned about how much filling the bags would cost. With just a few of our family and friends at his first few parties I hadn't really thought much about the cost but with well over 25 children in attendance this time I would need to give it a bit more thought!

With a bit of planning this is what I put together for £1.14 a bag!

A party bag and its contents laid out

Those that follow me on Instagram will know already that I love Poundland and Home Bargains and they were my go to for the contents. 

First of all the bags!

Brown paper party bag with a Paw Patrol sticker

15p @ Home Bargains.

These were 89p for 6 but there's often more than that in the pack! I already had labels so I created these Paw Patrol ones with an image I found online. 

Now the fillers!

The party bag contents listed

Bubbles - 25p @ Poundland (Pack of 6 for £1)
Stickers - 10p @ Poundland (Pack of 10 for £1)
Moan Bloxx - 10p @ Poundland (Pack of 10 for £1)
Paw Patrol Milk Chocolate Raisins - 12p @ Home Bargains
Raisins - 8p @ Home Bargains (Pack of 12 for 99p)

Contents listed

Mini Colour Books - 13p @ Poundland ( Pack of 8 for £1)
Crayons - 13p @ Poundland (Pack of 8 for £1)
Paw Pattol Rubber - 8p @ Poundland (Pack of 12 for £1)

Each bag came to around £1.14! For all that's in it I personally think its good value! There also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians! 

Party bag and it's contents

What are your favourite party bag fillers? Let me know in the comments!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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