Wednesday 13 June 2018

Budget Wedding Favours

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Put the word wedding in front of anything and it quickly triples in price. The smallest and simplest of things suddenly become more expensive. Wedding flowers, wedding cake, wedding favours.

The latter of these is often forgotten about until the last minute but they can very easily escalate in price.

First, though do you know what wedding favours are? 

Traditionally wedding favours are given to each of your wedding guests as a souvenir of the day and a gesture of thanks for their attendance.  The act of giving wedding favours dates back for centuries, with trinket boxes containing sugar cubes. This moved on to almonds and then to sugared almonds.

Now though, wedding favours come in sorts of shapes and sizes and vary massively! Candles, chocolates, biscuits, shots and even the traditional almonds make an appearance.

Still have no idea of where to start or what to pick? Maybe you’re on a tight budget and looking for ways to save wedding budget? Well, here’s a selection of cheap wedding favours ideas to help!

Sweet Jars

Buy little jars from eBay and fill with your favourite sweets. If you have a printer at home you can create your own labels or alternatively use luggage tags for your guests name or the details of your special day.

Popcorn Boxes

Stop by a bargain store or look online and you’ll find cute American style popcorn boxes. Simply add the popcorn, place in a cellophane bag and tie at the top. Ideal if your first date was the movies!


Most people love candles and if you have the time making your own can save a lot of money, especially if you reuse glass jars. Obviously you might not be able to get matching jars if you’re planning to upcycle them but having mismatched jars can add to the handmade feel! Wax and wicks are easy to find online and as long as you follow the instructions carefully and take your time the results can be effective! You could even add a fragrance or essential oil to match the scent of your flowers. If you don’t fancy making the candles yourself, simply add a tealight to the jar. Add a label with your wedding details for the finishing touch.  


Bring some sparkle to your wedding day by giving sparklers as favours. Buy them after Bonfire Night or New Years Eve and you’ll probably bag a bargain. They can also make for a fantastic photo op if you don’t mind walking underneath them when lit! Adding a simple message like ‘let love sparkle’ gives a nice finishing touch.


A packet of seeds can be as cheap as 20p a pack. Buy a multipack and they’re even cheaper. Place in an envelope with a simple message like ‘help us set the seeds of love’ and your guests not only get a wedding favour but also something they can watch grow in their garden for years to come and that’s pretty cute!

Fortune Cookies

When out in a Chinese restaurant do you always make a point of opening the fortune cookies and sharing the message with the group? The messages can often be a talking point and are an ideal conversation starter if your table of guests are a mix of people who don’t know each other all that well. Although you can buy special wedding fortune cookies online, the cheaper option would be to go for the ones you usually find in your local restaurant or takeaway, which will be available from your local Asian supermarket if there’s one near you.


If you’re known for being the party animals of your group of friends or the family member most likely to have a hangover at Grans birthday then sharing shots with your wedding guests maybe the way to go. You may find it much cheaper though to buy a large bottle of your chosen spirit and decant it into smaller bottles, which again are easily found on eBay, than buying individual miniatures.


Kids love bubbles. Grownups love bubbles. Easily purchased from bargain stores bubbles are a super easy and budget favour to give to your guests. Relabel with your wedding details or special message for a more personal touch.


Again something a lot of people love and are super easy to buy and do yourself. Add a message like ‘we’re suckers for love’ and look out for heart shaped reductions after Valentines Day for another bargain wedding favour!

So there you go a selection of wedding favour ideas that are reasonably priced and you can do yourself. Hopefully, I’ve shown you how to save wedding budget a little! 

Now go and get creative!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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