Sunday 10 June 2018

Decorating Ideas For Your Child's Room

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Children’s rooms can sometimes be difficult to decorate, especially as their tastes and hobbies change as they grow.

A flat lay of paint card samples and a bunny

You may go for a fully themed room with curtains and bedding to match but there’s always that chance that they love Paw Patrol one minute but move on the superheroes a couple of months later! 

Children’s rooms though are a great space to get creative with and there are a few of ways to tackle decorating your little ones room. 

The first is to go for a plain room and accessorise with pictures and bedding to bring through a theme. When I was expecting my little boy we made the choice to not find out what we were having, so we went for a plain cream coloured room, with a plain light shade and curtains but I wanted a little bit of a theme and didn’t want the room to be boring!

So I framed some small Peter Rabbit cards that Granny picked up and I hung them around the room. Ok, I didn’t, Daddy did! I also ordered some Peter Rabbit fabric and made a cushion cover and curtain tie-backs. I later added a little bunny rug and night lights. It wasn’t overly expensive but it made a difference.

A grid of photos showing bunny themed room items, including peter rabbit books and cushion

His room has changed twice since then! Once to Thomas the Tank Engine and then to Avengers. A change of pictures and bedding makes a quick and easy difference.

Now, the other alternative is to go for something massively creative. A full themed room with matching curtains, bedding, lighting and carpet! Yes carpet! A few weeks ago I saw a Lightning McQueen carpet! But this can be expensive and limits you changing the room in the future.

Lighting is another way to change up a room on a budget and can add a much-needed touch of personality. For example, neon lights and signs are both brilliant ideas so do not be afraid to do some research to find some fun lights that your child will love.

There is another way though to meet in the middle and give your little ones room an amazing theme with just one item.

Wall murals have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years and whether it be hand-painted or the sticker kind there is a theme for everyone!

There’s a huge collection available from companies like Wallsauce and you don’t need to be a kid to appreciate them! Anything from abstract to cityscapes, onto cars, pirates and mermaids!!

There’s silly animal prints for children and stylish ones for grown-ups.

A wall mural of safari animals smiling

A stag wall mural

You’ll also find incredible fantasy and sci-fi murals. If you little one is space obsessed they’ll love murals like this one.

A childs bedroom showing a space wall mural

 For the mermaid and pirate fans there’s these!

A wall mural featuring a whale and a mermaid

A pirate themed wall mural in a childs room

They are so many themes on offer its difficult to choose! Once you have though the murals are printed made to measure meaning they can be a perfect fit to your room! They can even me made on to peel and stick paper making them perfect for temporary or rented accommodation.

Whether you go for a plain but accessorised room, a full theme or an eye-catching mural, there’s something for most budgets!

Now it’s time to get creative!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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