Tuesday 28 August 2018

5 Budget Garden Activities

Entertaining children during the school holidays, or anytime for that matter, can be pricey.

If you're on a budget or simply don't fancy the stress of taking the kids out, I've put together five activities that are cheap and entertaining!

So, standby for some budget fun!!!

1. Bubbles

Lots of bubbles in the air

Buy one large bottle or a pack of small ones from a budget shop like Poundland and have a competition to see who can blow the best bubbles or have a race to see who can pop the most!

2. Garden Agility Course

Little boy on a slide

Got lots of outdoor toys? Set them up around the garden and use them like an agility course or relay. If you don't have many things for the garden, again try a budget shop and you can easily pick up a couple of hula-hoops, a skipping ropes, balls and skittles!

3. Chalk Drawing

Little boy drawing with chalk on a patio, with a sun, rainbow and cloud drawn on the slab next to him

If you've got a patio buy a pack of chalk and let the kids get creative. It'll easily wash away in the rain.

4. Splatter Art

A little boy squirting paint onto a large bit of white paper, laid on grass

How many medicine applicators have you got?!! Fill each with paint, roll out a piece of paper and let the kids squirt the paint out for some great splatter art!

5. Garden Picnic

Little boy sitting on a blanket eating a strawberry, next to tray with a beaker of milk, cookie on a plate and a bowl of strawberries

It doesn't need to be anything big and fancy. A blanket, a biscuit and a bit of fruit will do. We love a garden picnic and my little boy and I always have a lovely little chat as we sit in the garden!

I hope these ideas help you through the remainder of the holidays. Enjoy the last few days with your little ones.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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