Friday 24 August 2018

Tips On Moving Overseas With Children

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Are you planning on moving abroad in the near future?

There are many different reasons why families decide to move overseas. For some families it's for a better life for the children and for some it's a new job. No matter the reason for moving abroad, the whole process has to be done carefully, especially when children are involved.

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Moving little ones abroad is a huge transition for them, so for an easier move have a read of the tips below.

Put down roots

A lot of people advise to rent before you buy when moving to another country and this is a good idea as it enables you to decide what you really want in terms of location and property style. When you have kids though, jumping from one rental property to another is not the best of ideas and can bring upheaval with every move. 

Instead it is important to put down roots so your children recognise that your new location is now your home. You'll need to establish a new family life for you and your little ones. You may want to consider a cluster house plan in an area that's popular with expats. It will create an opportunity for you to get to know other people in the area and settle in.

Avoid returning home for the first year

Leading from the first point about putting down roots, while it can be very tempting to go back home within the first year it may confuse and unsettle the children. If you go home and they see their family and friends it may upset them to the point that they don't want to leave.

This could undo all the work you have done to enable them to settle into your new home.  It doesn't mean though that family can't come and visit you instead!

Listen to your little one

Moving can be stressful for anyone but it's really important to speak to your children about any concerns they have. Truly listen and hear what they are saying. Its important to remember that moving is stressful and worrying time for them too and you'll need to do everything you can to reassure them and make him or her comfortable.

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Make sure you address any concerns your child has and listen to what is bothering them so you can resolve it. Don't just assume they are acting up to cause trouble or be a pain.

Keep your home traditions

Moving your family abroad is a huge and for your little ones it can be quite scary and upsetting. They can feel like they are leaving their entire life is being left behind. What they need to know though is that nothing is going to change in your family.  You can reassure them with this by carrying on family traditions. So, if you have a certain dinner every Sunday, play a board game every week or have a movie night, make sure you keep these traditions up. 

Doing so will help give them some normality within the upheaval. This can make the process of moving home a lot easier for someone so young, as it will help them see their entire world isn't changing and that they can still do the things they love. 

Include them in the decision making

Another reason that a child can feel reluctant to move is because they feel left out and not involved in the process. The best way to create excitement for the big change is to include them in some on the decisions, as it will help them feel included and may make them more keen to experience the adventure of moving abroad.

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Ask them for help in picking paint colours or where to put their toys maybe small decisions on the surface but to your little one they will feel huge.

Make sure you say the right thing

Last but not least, there are a number of different things that your child needs to hear you say during the moving adventure to help reassure them. The first is that you need to reassure them so they are not going to be along and you are always going to be there for them. Lots us parents underestimate the importance of that as they don't see why their children would feel lonely.

Being present mentally and physically is a different thing entirely and your children need to know that you are going to be there for them. They will need support, reassurance and compassion. Be patient and don't tell them they are silly or being mardy about the situation as it can cause conflict, especially when they are older.  

Moving to a new country is a huge change for the family and for your little ones their whole world is changing and they may need to embrace a new culture or language. Reassuring them that is OK and completely normal to feel confused or frustrated, and that in time they may feel differently and enjoy living somewhere new and exciting.

Hopefully these tips will help you feel more prepared for moving overseas. There is no denying that it will be stressful and worrying but using these steps will hopefully ease that pressure.

Save travels and enjoy the adventure.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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