Wednesday 22 August 2018

Getting Crafty With Printkick


Here at Mummy Snowy Owl we love crafting. Whether it be for grown-ups or kids, we love to be creative.

Whether it be making something from scratch or a bit of colouring in we try and put some time aside each day to get crafty.

This isn't always easy though and not everyone wants to start making a spaceship out of toilet rolls when they get home from a day at work. If your budget allows though, the easy way around this is to buy kits and sets to help you get creative.

Places like Printkick offer a wide range of colouring kits including backpacks, fridge magnets and books, as well as mini brain teaser games.

I was recently gifted a box full of their goodies! Take a look at what was inside!  This is just a small sample of what Printkick have to offer.

Stationary, games and pens laid out

Our box was full of a variety of items! Here’s a closer peek of what was inside.

Box of stationary and mini games

Colouring Cards and Pencils

Colouring in cards and crayons

These are ideal for travelling! The cards and pencils are an ideal travel size and would easily fit into a backpack or handbag. They’d be great for a trip on a train or plane!

Suction Ball Catch Set

Suction ball catch set

Again, this is ideal for travelling and would be great for beach days! Ours will definitely be going on a few caravan holidays. It’s small enough to pack away but big enough to give lots of fun! We’ve actually played with ours inside on rainy days, as the suction balls tends to stick to things instead of knocking them over!

Domino Set

Box of dominos with some laid out

I’ve not played dominoes for years and my husband never has, so I’m going to teach him! I’m also going to try and teach my little boy as he gets ready for school, using the dots as counting practice.

Brain Teaser Cubes

Mini brain teaser cubes

We’ve all had a go with these! Brain teaser games aren’t something I would usually pick up but we’ve all had a play with them and it gave some much needed brain stimulation during an odd spare minute. Time I would usually spend scrolling through social media!

Colouring Magnet Stickers

Sheet of magnets with 4 felt tip pens

Both myself and our 4 year old, Joseph, love these! We’ve spent a couple of afternoons colouring these together. 

Little hands colouring in the lion magnet

Who doesn’t love a bit of colouring and a fridge magnet!

Shopping list held on a fridge by a variety of circus themed magnets coloured in rainbow colours

Apron and Pens

Plain white apron with colouring in pens

This is next on our list to make! Joseph has an apron for cooking but needs one for crafting so he’s looking forward to making and crafting with this.

Colouring Book and Crayons Set

Fold out grown up colouring book and crayons

I’m happy to say this one is for the grown-ups, so I’ve stashed it away for myself! I’m looking forward to settling down with a cuppa and a bit of colouring.

Foldable Frisbee

Foldable frisbees and their cases in red, blue and green

Again, these are ideal for travelling and will be heading to out in the caravan with us. They’re ideal for days at the park, beach or just your own back garden!

All of these items are great for creative or stimulating play and are available for reasonable prices, and as Printkick expand their business and their range there’ll be more and more on offer. They’re also developing and expanding their eco-friendly products, which is always a good thing.

What I like most about all of these items is that they aren't tech based and for some of them, involve spending time together and playing as a family. 

To see more of their range take a look here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

*Items gifted

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