Thursday 9 August 2018

Keeping The Cost Of The Family Holiday As Low As Possible

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Summer vacations and holidays with the family are not cheap, are they? 

It's not just the cost of the vacation to think about, but also the spending money for when you are there, the holiday clothes and accessories, as well as the toiletries you'll need.

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The costs can really mount up but how can you keep them down? 

Here are my ideas on ways to do a low cost holiday!

Getting the best deal on the holiday

When it comes to the holiday itself you need to consider all your options when booking and the biggest incentive for that is to get the best deal. You might be wondering whether a package deal is better than booking everything separate or whether you can bring down the cost by using voucher codes for cheaper holidays, cashback sites or money off coupons. Research is the best thing to do in this scenario, as it will allow you to work out the best places to go to and help you create the best holiday for your family. From that you can narrow down the best deals and prices, checking packages, cashback and vouchers sites to find your most affordable price.

Planning ahead

Great planning can result in a great deal when it comes to organising your family holiday. If you know when it is you are likely to go, as well as the place you want to go, then booking as far in advance as possible and paying the deposit can often give you a good deal. Not everyone has the luxury of doing this but if you can afford to, it is definitely worth considering it. Many travel companies also allow you to make monthly payments via the website, which can help spread the cost.

Check the dates

Dates is one of the important things you should check and this might be specific to the school holidays. Many of us know that it is more expensive to travel during the school holidays but for those of us with kids there's really little choice in the matter. 

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It's a good idea though to check your dates and look at traveling right at the beginning or the end, as you may find other schools break up later or go back sooner. This is certainly the case for us for the next school year as our holidays differ to the next county! 

Booking in advance V booking last minute

Is booking in advance better than leaving it last minute? There are some arguments to suggest that if you are not bothered about the destination and can leave with a few days notice, then it might be worth traveling last minute, as you can get some great deals! Booking in advance can also give you a good deal though, especially when traveling long haul. It also gives you an insight early on into the cost of your holiday.

Could a 'staycation' be the answer?

For some a holiday is just some time away from normality, a break in routine and waking up somewhere a bit different, making a staycation a more affordable option. 

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Staying in smaller hotels, using Airbnb or trying a camping or caravan break could give you what you need for a lower price than a holiday abroad might cost.

I hope that these suggestions help you to keep the costs of the family holiday as low as possible but most of all have a great time!!!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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