Sunday 2 September 2018

How To Get The Best Character Interactions At Disneyland!

Many of you will know that we love Disney! The movies, TV shows, toys, clothes and the parks! We love it all!!

We're incredibly fortunate to have taken our 4 year old son to Disneyland Paris twice but for now our Disney holidays are on hold and we are on the big save to go to Walt Disney World!
It's going to take a LONG TIME but we hope to take him in 3 years, although it's highly likely to be much later than that! 

Mummy, Daddy and 3 year old son, standing close to the Disneyland Castle

In the meantime though we are looking back at our holidays with so much fondness and feeling incredibly lucky for our amazing memories. 

Many of those memories come from the fantastic character interactions we had, which even months later our little boy clearly remembers.

Mummy with a little boy in a dinosaur coat looking at Jessie who is hiding behind a wooden post

A couple of people have asked me how we've got such great photos and videos of character meetings, so as always I thought I'd share my tips!

Be happy!

It's easy and most people are happy to be at Disneyland, right? If you've queued for a while though you might be a bit frowny! Turn that frown upside down and show you're excited to meet the characters and they'll be excited to see you too! 

Little boy hugging tigger as pooh bear looks on

We waited a lot longer than expected to meet Tigger and Pooh and as we went in January it was very cold but we were still happy to meet them and as you can see they were quite fond of a certain little boy!

Play along!

Don't just take a snap and go! If they want you to dance around join in! Striking a pose or giving a high-five? Make sure you do too!

Little boy giving Buzz Lightyear a high five

You'll get more time with the character and it will give you some great memories!

Utilise the photographer!

If there's a Disney photographer at the greet point follow the lead of the professional and you'll get the best snaps! I massively recommend the PhotoPass too as all the images are uploaded onto it so you can print them at home and it works out cheaper than buying lots of individual snaps! The photographs are so quick that they capture the very best moments, just like this one of Joseph and Pluto.

Little boy wearing a dinosaur coat pointing at Pluto

The photographer will happily grab some shots on your phone or cameras, meaning you'll be able to get your family photos too. Follow their lead and they'll get some great shots.  

Dress up!

It doesn't have to be full fancy dress but a cute hat, coat or jumper can grab a characters attention and mean they react to your little one more. 

Little boy wearing a Spider-Man jumper with Spider-Man who is teaching him spidey hands!

Joseph's dinosaur coat, Avengers hat and especially his Spider-Man jumper grabbed attention and it made for the BEST picture with Spider-Man himself!

Let the kids go first!

You might be just as excited as them but let your little ones go first and both you and the Disney photographer can catch that initial greeting, which is often the best part.

Little boy hugging Mickey Mouse

Make sure you film it too as watching it back will always make you smile! I have a video of each of our meet and greets and the one of Joseph and Mickey is like seeing two friends reunited! It's very sweet!

If you're off to Disneyland or Walt Disney World soon, safe travels and have a magical time!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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