Saturday 8 September 2018

Autumn Wreath

I've already mentioned my love of autumn in my last post but in case you missed it I'll tell you again! I LOVE AUTUMN!

The cooler months, the falling leaves, the downward slide into Christmas, I love it!

So many of you loved my Flower Wreath that I thought I'd create another with a touch of autumn! So, here it is!

Completed autumn wreath

Like many of my crafts its easy to do and there's a step by step guide! To make this wreath for yourself you will need.......

Supplies listed

Start by cutting the flower stems down with the wire 

Flowers cut down with the wire cutters

Then start to insert them into the wreath.

Flowers being put into the wreath

Glue the leaves around the flowers as you go.

PVA glue in a dish with the paint brush

Leaves being glued around the flowers

Once the leaves have dried glue on one of the pumpkins.

Wreath with a selection of red, biege, yellow and orange flowers and leaves along one side with a glittery pumpkin

Leave to dry again.

Completed leaves

If you want to hang the wreath tie on a length of string or simply use as a table centerpiece.

Completed wreath hanging on a door by a piece of string

Lookout for more autumn crafts over the next few days.

Completed wreath hanging on a wooden door

Mummy Snowy Owl

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