Friday 8 March 2019

3 Tips for Personalising Your Home (So That It’s Not Just a Generic Living Space)

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'Home is where the heart is', as the old saying goes, but with many of us shopping in the same places, more and more of us are living in homes with similar interiors and our homes are become a little bit generic, rather than personalised environments which bear our own unique mark.

Interior of two double white doors, against white ones with a pale netural floor

When your home is the kind of place that really reflects your personality and life, and is filled with personal curiosities, family heirlooms, your own artistic creations (or your child's), it's likely to be a much happier and more fulfilling environment for you. It's also likely to be a lot more interesting for visitors.

When your home looks like it just came out of a catalogue, it might be difficult to really settle in, feel connected, and express yourself fully.

Here are some tips for personalising your home, so that it's all about you and not just a generic living space.

Pick what you want!

Whether you're getting your furniture out of a catalogue or from a large store, the key causes of a home not being very personal is that people pick what others like or have, or what's in style. Exercise your power of choice and pick what you really want!!

Many of us get into the routine of going with the flow and picking what goes instead of expressing ourselves. If you want to make your home more personal to you it's time to pick what you want. What you really, really want. It doesn't matter if your family and friends don't like it, as long as you do.

If you don't like something, especially if you picked it be neutral and trendy, then change it. We went from a trendy grey wall to some quite jazzy wallpaper and we love it, but some people don't. So, if your budget allows, change that dull wall, disliked carpet or plain accessories. Maybe you've got kitchen flooring you really don't like, well change it, and why not try vinyl planks for a luxe look? Develop your tastes and preferences.

Think about your dream home!

Before you can achieve your dream home you first have to be able to actually envision it. 

Coming up with a vision of your dream home isn't a necessity for having a personalised home, but it can certainly help you to develop a sense of how to structure your home, what decor to buy and what colour schemes you might like. 

If you don't have a very clear idea of what your dream home looks like, why not buy a few home and lifestyle magazines, think about your favourite settings and maybe have a scroll through Pinterest too! Bring in little elements for your dream home to your current home as a remind of what you'd like in the future.

Become a master at the art of decluttering!

It can be difficult to let your personality shine through in your home if it is permanently submerged in clutter.

By getting comfortable and familiar with the are of decluttering and removing everything that makes your home feel less like the place you want to be, you can create a space for your more meaingful and beloved possessions to shine through.

This also means that there is more room for your unique style to flourish and shine. 

Now, time for cuppa and a quick scroll of Pinterest at interiors!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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