Friday 1 March 2019

Living DNA - The Results!!


A few month's ago I reviewed the first part of the Living DNA ancestry testing. With the ability to breakdown ancestry to 80 worldwide regions, including 21 with the UK, Living DNA gives one of the most deep and accurate results around.

Image of a DNA strand

Having closely followed the instructions, I send my swab off for analysis and awaited the results. When they were ready an email dropped into my inbox and I quickly logged into the website to see the results and they didn't disappoint!! They were AMAZING and so in depth!

Overall the test shows that my heritage is mostly European with a touch of Asian but the results are so much more detailed that. A couple of clicks can take you from global results to regional and sub regional.

Discovering the Regional breakdown helped me to discover that part of my European heritage is Eastern European and the Asian part comes from an area known as Sindh.

The Sub Regions told me the exact areas that I'm from and show that I have ancestry from areas including the Midlands, Scotland, Cornwall, Devon, Cumbria and many more. My Eastern European heritage stems from Finland and Western Russia. The Sindh part is the area that interested my family and I the most, as it confirmed our family heritage from the area and put a stop to any dispute!

Each of these dots identifies a sub region of my heritage.

Image of a human body made up of different coloured spots

Living DNA has proved the ancestry we knew about but has also shown us so much more than that. The Motherline results also give the genetic story of my ancestors as far back as the first human migration 75,000 years ago. 

Map showing migration points and lines

Living DNA hasn't just shown me my family tree, it's gone as far as showing me my actual human family tree and that's pretty amazing.

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