Tuesday 26 March 2019

Getting Mother's Day Crafty With Stampin' Up


Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you're the crafty kind that's lots to craft and make. With cards, scrapbooks or a piece of artwork by the kids, there's lots to try.

But if you're wanting to try something new and take your crafting up a notch, stamping is an easy route to take. My mother in law is a big stamper and card maker and has a room full of supplies and although I've scrapbooked with her before, I've never made cards.

With a gifted bundle from Stampin' Up I've been able to get creative and make some cute little cards for Mother's Day.

Flatlay of stamps, pens, handmade cards

The bundle included two stamp sets and mounts, an ink pad, a bundle of cards and envelopes and a selection of markers.

When I opened the box as I was overwhelmed and a bit concerned that I didn't really know where to start, but there was no need to be. Each item came with instructions and the stamps had a step by step guide on how to mount them.

DVD style boxes of the stamps with some mounted

Reverse of stamp showing the mount

Card stamped with black ink

The pens also gave instructions of how to use them and I discovered they aren't just your standard colouring pens. Yes, you can colour in with them but you can also use them as ink for the stamps.

Handmade stamped Mother's Day card

All of the items sent to us by Stampin' Up are all so easy to use and versatile. I made cards with the items but you could easily use them for scrapbooking, personalising bullet journals or stationary.  Being versatile also means you're getting better value for money. Stamps that are interchangeable and pens that can be used in more than one way are a great started if you want to try stamping, and with step by step guides you'll soon get the hang of being creative.

Our 4 year old even got creative and made this little card!

Handmade stamped card

For a peek at more of the Stampin' Up range and current pricing take a look at their website here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

Items gifted

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