Friday 31 January 2020

Charity Spotlight ~ Mind

Charity is really important to me. As a family we make regular donations to good causes, donate to food banks and give our time and skills to those that may need it. I’ve ran, abseiled, crafted and cut off my hair all for charity.

So, it seemed natural for me to start the Charity Spotlight section on my blog a few years ago. Charities have ranged from well known to small local charities or people needing support. The last year or so hasn’t seen many posts in the charity section but I’m very keen to bring it back. It’s return coincides with something a group of bloggers are doing. We’re teaming up to make monthly donations to 12 different charities over this year and as part of that I’ve promised to bring back the Charity Spotlight feature. This month’s Charity Spotlight is shone in the direction of Mind.

Mind logo

Created in 1946 Mind is a mental health charity that offers advice and support to those with mental health issues. Mind works hard to raise awareness and understanding of mental health illnesses and the lives of those effected by them. They can provide supportive and reliable information, along with legal support.

Through it’s local associations, Mind also provides support via its supported housing, floating support schemes, support groups and drop in centres across England and Wales.

Mind’s funding comes from donations, its charity shops, fundraising events and grants.

Every year 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health issues. Many go through it without help or support, not wanting to open up to family and friends or simply not having anyone to talk. Mind believe no one should go through it alone. They can give support, advice and if needs be, fight your corner.

For more information about Mind and their work click here. If you’re struggling with your mental health arrange to see your GP or contact Mind on 0300 123 3393.

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