Tuesday 7 January 2020

Making A Sustainable Change ~ Recycling

So, you decided to make a sustainable change. Something that will help the environment but is easy to do, not expensive and not massively time consuming.

Well, mastering recycling is a great way to start! 

Flatlay showing a mix of waste and empty cartons for recycling with the text, making a sustainable change - recycling across the centre

You may already recycle as much as possible but are you 100% getting it right? Well, here's how to make a sustainable change and master your recycling! 

Check your do's and don'ts 

The first thing you need to do if you really want to make sure you're recycling properly is check your local authorities do's and don'ts. You'll usually find the local councils guidance for recycling on the reverse of your bin schedule. These are usually posted to you each year or are available on their website. This will tell you what you can and can't recycle and which bin you need use. Keep checking it each year too as it can change. Mastering the recycling do's and don'ts is a great start to making a sustainable change with your recycling!!

Make sure you've got all your bins and bags

Sick of your recycling bag blowing off up the street? Or spilling over with things to be recycled? Your local authority might be able to give you a bin as alternative, although there's sometimes a cost involved of around £30-£50. If you can't fit everything in the bag though it might be worth purchasing the bin as not only will you no longer have to chase it up the street but you'll get more in it and recycle more! We purchased a bin instead of using the standard bag for our glass and it means no grubby bag lying around and I use it more! 

If your dustbin sometimes disappears or gets taken by your neighbour, I find big numbers and stickers put them off! We have our house number and flamingos, butterflies and all kinds on ours. Funnily enough nobody takes our bin in error anymore!!!

Wash out your items

I know lots of you will already do this but there's lots of people that tell me they don't bother rinsing things out as they think it gets done out the recycling centre. Sending your items dirty actually means they can't usually be recycled! It only takes seconds to rinse out a tin or jar before you put it in the recycle bin and you can always pop it in the dishwasher if you have one.

Separate things

Obviously recycle waste goes separately to general waste, but do you take the lids off bottles and jars? Do you take the labels off too? Do you rip the tape off boxes? We've recycled for ages and even I didn't realise I was meant to take the lids off bottles when recycling them because they're a different type of plastic!!!

Does it really need to go in general waste?

So, you've checked the council leaflet but you've still got things that can't be recycled! You want to keep up with your sustainable change but what can you do about things like plastic wrappers and crisp packets? Well, lots of leading brands now have a return service, where you can send the items back to them for recycling!! Send crisp packets back to the likes of Walkers and they'll recycle them. The same goes for Asda with plastics. Keep you eyes peeled as I'm going to discuss this in another blog post soon.

Keep it tidy

It probably goes without saying but if you have recycling piled up everywhere you're going to be tempted to chuck it in the normal bin. Keep it nice and tidy preferably in a bag or handled box so you can easily pick it up and empty it into the bin. If budget isn't an issue you can also grab a split bin but they can sometimes be a little expensive. You can browse them here on Amazon. Personally I make do with a B&M plastic storage box!

Mastering your recycling is the first step to making a sustainable change. Because putting things in the right bin is much better than them making the way into the sea, right?

Mummy Snowy Owl

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