Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Creating A Keepsake Blanket With Sadiefranks

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I've been weepy about it on Instagram. I've written about it here on my blog. I've sobbed about it to my husband. Parting with baby clothes has been emotional. Much more so than I thought. 

I sorted through the many bags into piles. Lots were sold, passed on and donated but I kept a few pieces. Some 'just in case' items and the all important sentimental bits. Intially, I have put these away but I don't want them to just sit there, all folded, probably creased, and nearly forgotten about. 

Three babygros hanging on a line

So, I did a little research and asked on social media what people did with those babygros and children's clothes that they just couldn't part with. There was one item that got mentioned more than any, a keepsake blanket or quilt. From there I found Sadiefranks.

Kate at Sadiefranks makes keepsake blankets, cushions and soft toys. Each one is lovingly and carefully created with your favourtie babygros and kids clothes. Starting in Hong Long, the company is now taking orders in the UK too! How much the creations cost varies on what you'd like making and the size.

Simply pack up your items and send them to the address provided by Kate and the team at Sadiefranks. They'll then prepare the blanket and send you a layout to approve before it is sewn. You can then make any changes you'd like and once finalised the sewing starts! 

A patchwork blanket

It takes around three weeks for your blanket to be made and sent back to you and from what I've seen it is well worth the wait. There's tonnes of happy customer photos and positive feedback on their social media channels, so you're sure to get a blanket and keepsake that you will love and treasure. 

What better way to remember your little ones adventures, by wrapping yourselves up in them. 

I've also spotted that Sadiefranks can turn wedding dresses into blankets too and I'm very tempted to pull mine out of storage and have it actually put to use!!

For more info and for details on how to order your own blanket or keepsake made from your little ones old outfits or gros, head over to the Sadiefranks Facebook page here

Mummy Snowy Owl

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