Thursday, 30 January 2020

Autism With Lola ~ Playing With Bourbon Badger


Reading is often the perfect way for children to explore new worlds and situations. Whether it be a book to tie-in with a school project or about welcoming a new sibling, or even a new pet, books can help children learn and become educated on different things.

Books like Autism With Lola - Playing With Bourbon Badger, can share a heartwarming tale and educate. 

Cover of the book showing a bunny wearing headphones

Written by Jodie Isitt, Autism With Lola tells the story of Lola, a cute purple bunny who's just started school and also happens to be autistic. We follow Lola's journey as she tries to settle in at school, but she finds school life quite hard and lonely.

Open book showing some of the text and an illustration of lola in a classroom

Open book showing Lola looking sad and lonely

Open book showing Lola looking sad

As her classmates get to know Lola and learn about how she feels, they begin to form an understanding of autism, as does the reader. Autism With Lola can help children (and maybe grownups too!) understand what being autistic is like, along with sharing the daily challenges they may face. It may also help autistic children feel more confident knowing there's a character like Lola and that she's a bit like them.

Open book showing Lola kneeling as she cries as a classmate passes her some headphones

Whether it's to educate yourself, your own children or others, Autism With Lola is well worth a read. The pastel colours are soft and welcoming, with cute illustrations making it a lovely and educating read.

This book has helped our 5 year old son, JJ, understand his friends with autism more. If you think Autism With Lola - Playing With Bourbon Badger would help your child in anyway, you can enter below to be in with a chance of winning a copy of your own. 

If you'd like to purchase a copy you can find it here

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