Monday 27 January 2020

Sorting Through The Baby Clothes With Sweet Pea Clothing

(Collaborative Post - Please note that I used Sweet Pea Preloved prior to this collab and this is an honest recommendation)

Saying goodbye to baby clothes is hard. Last year I realised how hard when I decided to take the first step in sorting through our son's baby clothes.

Now 5 years old, we have collected a stack of baby and children's clothes. Vest, babygros, cute outfits, we had storage bags full of them! Probably around 12, if not more! 

It was time to have a clear out and say goodbye.

Baby laying on a rug in a white and blue outfit, shot is mostly of their cute little feet

Sorting through the baby clothes I found that their condition varied, but lots of them looked hardly used, so I split them into piles.
  • Keep in just case
  • Keep for sentimental value
  • Donate
  • Give away
  • Sell
There were A LOT of piles!!! For the items good enough to sell though, where could I sell them? I considered the usual auction and selling sites and marketplaces but I've always found that clothes don't usually sell well via them. Then, via a Facebook group, I came across Lucy and her company, Sweet Pea Preloved

Sweet Pea Preloved logo

Sweet Pea Preloved buy your used baby, toddler and children's clothes and resells them. Passing your clothes onto Sweet Pea makes you some extra cash and it also gives another family the chance to purchase clothes at a discounted rate to the high street. 

There's a couple of different options for when you decide to sell with Sweet Pea and I went for the weighing in option. How much you'll get for the clothes depends on where they are from and there's different amounts per kilogram, with one amount for Primark and supermarket brands and a higher value for the likes of Next, M&S, Boden etc. You also get a little extra if you iron them first. Lucy will also send you a postage label so you don't have the courier costs to pay. 

There are commission based options too and you'll get more if you pick store credit instead of cash. There are also certain brands that Sweet Pea will buy per item. For more information on the different options have a look on their website here

I really struggled to say goodbye to some of our son's baby clothes as it felt like the end of an era for us, with no more babies likely to make an appearance it's time for us to move onto the next chapter. What did make it a little easier though was how approachable Lucy was, that I knew the clothes would avoid the landfill and the money obviously helped during a tough time for us. Mostly though, it was that another little bundle of joy would be able to stretch their little legs in them and there's something quite heartwarming about that.

Mummy Snowy Owl


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