Monday 20 January 2020

Getting Ready For Mother's Day With FontBundles

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With Christmas long gone, Valentines coming up and Pancake mix in the shops, it means Mother's Day is just around the corner!

It's time to give a great big hank you to the Mums (or stepmums, godmothers or mother type figures) in our lives. A bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or a nice set of toiletries are the usual Mother's Day gifts, but there's a few other things you might want to consider.

A great way to show Mums how much you care and how appreciated they are is to give them something hand and homemade. Now, don't worry I'm not suggesting that you make a pasta necklace or something out of loo roll! We'll save that for the kids! But you could still make something!

Not a crafty type? Well, this is super easy, low cost and will be fun of thoughtfulness and love! How about a card like these?

Flatlay showing handmade Mother's Day cards

Have a laptop or PC and printer but don't have a fancy font software? That's fine! Did you know you can get fonts free? Need a site to give you a great font free? have a great selection of free fonts to choose from and you simply download them and use them as and when you want to!! 

Fancy giving these easy cards a try?

You will need

  • A free font of your choice from
  • Laptop/PC and printer
  • Card and envelope
  • Decorative stickers or crafty bits (the ones pictured are from Poundland)
  • Glue
Blank card and envelopes, next to craft flower stickers, bunting and pieces of card

To start have a browse of the fonts available, pick and download one. I went for three different styles including Lovebird, Sollasay and Nostalgia Script. 

Screenshot of the website with Lovebird font on screen

Using Word, create your design. I set the paper sized to that of my cards to make it easier at the printing stage. You can do this to under the Page Layout tab.

Screenshot of the font on a word doc

Print and then decorate your card with your stickers and crafty bits. I made one card with a traditional style font, Lovebird. I decorated this one with the flower stickers from Poundland. I made this card to be a little more traditional, like the font as it's for my elderly aunt and godmother.

Made card with Happy Mother's Day across the centre, surrounded by flowers

I then made this bunting themed card using the Nostalgia Script and the bunting style pieces of card.

Handmade card with text reading Mummy You're Amazing, with card cut like bunting around the top and bottom of the card

Lastly, I made this card with the Sollasay font. It's probably my favourite! I think it fits the 'Hey Mama' text perfectly and the flag style decorations finish it off just nicely.

Handmade card with Hey Mama text across the centre and flag style edging and flags on the front

All of the crafty items were bought on a budget, and with the free font from FontBundles, making a card is an easy and low cost way of saying thanks and giving love this Mother's Day. Plus, with the fonts now downloaded you can use them over and over, so whenever you feel like getting crafty again, you'll be prepped and ready to go!

Flatlay showing the three handmade cards, spare pieces of the bunting card and a couple of flowers around the cards

Are you going to get crafty this Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments what you're going to make!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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