Thursday 16 January 2020

Your Planet Needs You!!

(Collaborative Post)

When it comes to climate change and sustainable living, lots of people say that one person and their decisions will not make a difference.. The truth though, is that it could actually make a huge difference.

Something as simple as trying meat free Monday’s, ditching plastic bags or making sure you recycle properly, can help save the earth. 

Field of grass with the sun setting over some trees in the distance

Even something as simple as cutting back on the amount of clothes you buy can make such a big difference. Not only will it make you utilise your existing wardrobe, you'll also stop items going to landfill and help the environment too. Did you know that it takes 7,600 litres of water to make one pair of jeans?!! With these stats in mind, you can’t deny that a simple change by one person can make a massive difference!!

Do you want to make simple changes? Here's some to try!

Cutting Back On Meat

You don’t have to go full veggie or vegan, but cutting back on meat can make a difference. There's a big eco footprint when eating meat and just avoiding it for one day can help the planet.

Cut Down On Consumption

If something isn't essential, don't buy it. See something you really want? Allow yourself a cooling off period to be sure you do and pop back and buy it at a later time.

Donate To Worthy Causes

Stay up to date with important environmental causes and donate. For example, Australia needs our help right now! Can't donate money? Give time and volunteer. I'm going to a crafting session soon, where we'll be making items for the animals in Australia to help their recovery.

Educate Yourself Continuously

Never stop learning about what the planet needs, how climate change can effect everything from the air you breath to how your government plans to deal with natural disasters caused by climate change. Make sure you know how you can help and what you need to do to be prepared in an emergency. The infographic below could be a good start!

Infographic by Norwich Uni, showing crisis and emergency planning
credit to Norwich University

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