Friday 14 June 2019

Tidy Stuff - Toy Car Storage

We've all got 'stuff'. Whether it be books, shoes, handbags, collectables or toys, a house can soon become cluttered. A good declutter is often the way to reduce down the stuff in your home but parting with things can be hard.

Personally, I'm a fan of the Marie Kondo method and if it hasn't got a use or doesn't 'spark joy' it goes either to be recycled, upcycled, donated or binned. But what about the stuff you're left with? How do we store it and where do we keep it?

Well, my tidy stuff posts provide the answers and we've already covered how to store bras, keeping the cupboard under the sink tidy and the best ways to clean and store Lego. Now it's time for toy cars! 

Toy cars lined up

Toy cars provide our little boy with hours of fun but he has hundreds, mostly hand me downs from Daddy and they can easily be untidy! So, how do we keep toy cars tidy? Here's some ideas!

Plastic Boxes
The usual suspects when it comes to storage, especially toys, plastic storage boxes are ideal for keeping toy cars neat and tidy.

plastic storage box for cars, with ramps coming down the sides, on a play road mat

Stack them up or place them in a toy box to keep them out the way. The one picture also comes with a mat and doubles as a garage! You can find it here.

Playmat Bags
We have a huge one of these playmat bags for Lego and they are great for keeping all the bits in one place.

Bag play mat laid out showing a road map

This one for cars also has a road map and is great for storage or travel. It also helps with a quick tidy up at the end of the day. You can get it here

Display Case
If you're like us and your toy car collection is huge this display case maybe ideal for you. 

Wooden shelving display case

It would especially work well if you're little one has a cars themed bedroom and could be a bit of a feature. For current pricing at Amazon click here

Collecting Case
We currently have the plastic version of these (lots of them), which are hand me downs from Daddy!

Metal tin with lid and handle

These are ideal toy car storage for those with a smaller collection or for families looking to avoid plastic. They are also handy if your little one likes to take cars with them when out and about, on holiday or heading to Grandmas. Grab them here

Zip Box
We love anything that has a couple of uses and this box, like a lot of the other pieces mentioned, doubles as a playmat!

Fabric box with lid and zip sides

Unzip and to speed round the track and at the end of the day put all the cars in the middle and zip the side back up! You can order one here

Hanging Bag
The last toy car storage idea is one for those of you that dread the sound of toys being tipped out!! A sound that just means mess!!

Hanging storage bags with pockets for toy storage

A hanging bag avoids that as the cars can only be lifted out one at a time and if your little one wants a certain car they can spot it easily, without having to tip them out! For storage without the tipping out, take a look here

So, now you have six ways to store toy cars and hopefully the stuff in your house is a little bit tidier. Everyone has stuff, we just need a little help to make it tidy stuff!

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