Sunday 23 June 2019

Why Are The Foundations Of Your Home So Important?

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Just like in relationships or family life, solid and well-built foundations are vital to the strength and durability of your home.

The foundations of a home are important for a number of reasons; they support the weight of the building, they provide strength against the elements and they help to isolate the structure of the building from any moisture in the ground.

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In order to protect your home from damage and maintain its value, it is essential that your home is built upon a strong foundation. 

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Houses come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter how big or small, they all require a strong foundation. One of the most important functions of a foundation is to provide stability to your entire house. A solid foundation should be resistant to ground movement, also known as ‘settling and shifting’, in order to avoid serious foundation issues such as sinking or cracks.

Foundations provide protection from the elements and varying climate conditions. Moisture is usually the main cause of property damage. When water collects around your home from excessive rain or snow, it can cause the ground to expand and shift. Without a well-built foundation this can lead to cracks, leaks, mould growth and structural damage to the house.

By building and maintaining a strong foundation, you can help to preserve your home’s value. A home with a stable foundation will be more desirable to potential buyers, than a home with structural issues. Buyers will usually have a new home inspected for such issues by a property surveyor. This is to ensure that their potential investment will last them for many years to come.

Looking after your current home will help bring all of these things, stability, protection and value to your home and your family.

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