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How Poor Diet Affects Your Health

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If I've learnt anything from living with Fibromyalgia, Endrometriosis and other health issues, it's that your diet can have a huge affect on your health. 

If you would like to make the most out of your health, you will have to start paying more attention to your diet. We talk about recipes and diet in particular a lot but it all seems like hard work. In case you just need a bit of more motivation or would like to understand the health benefits of having a balanced diet, have a little read of this post. 

Knowing myself about the health risks of not managing your diet, I know that sometimes you need to see the facts in writing before you take them seriously and make a change. 

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Sugar and Diabetes
You might think that you are not a sweet toothed person but just have a look at your sugar consumption when you have a tea or coffee. You might think that you are just adding a bit of sauce to your meals but ketchup and other condiments will increase your sugar intake. Getting a sugar free alternative or making your own sauces will help you manage your sugar diet. Switching to natural sweeteners such as Stevia when having a drink, even if you only replace one spoon, will make a huge difference in reducing your risk of diabetes. 

Regular Eating Schedule
To manage your diet and your health better, you will need to ensure that you eat at regular times. Instead of comfort eating at night when you actually have time, you should make time for snacking healthy. The most important meal of the day is your breakfast and you will need to ensure that it starts off your metabolism and gives you slow release energy too. Your regular eating schedule can help you manage your health and weight and reduce the pressure on your digestive system.

Lack of Nutrition
If you have a poor diet your body will be craving nutrition and this will lead to eating more and not getting the essential minerals and vitamins. If you are currently on a calorie based diet you will need to ensure that you are not starving your body. There are some weight management nutritional products available from online pharmacies, such as Orlistat, so you can replace the minerals and nutrients you are losing and keep your energy levels high.

Skin Problems
When you are on a poor diet, such as eating too much processed carbs and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables, you are likely to experience skin problems. When your body is not supported in getting rid of toxins it will show on your face. Try to drink more water to help your body and your organs detoxify themselves. You might be wondering if there is a connection between acne and diet, and there certainly is. 

Abdominal Pain and Discomfort 
When you suffer from bloating and abdominal pain your gut is trying to tell you that it is not happy with what you are eating. There are several other reasons, such as a poor digestive system, hormonal changes or problems with your nervous system. You will need to get a food intolerance test, just to be sure that you are not suffering from this condition, so you can change your diet.

Hair Care
When your digestive system is not working correctly, you might feel like your body is lacking the essential nutrients. You might be suffering from leaky gut syndrome that is more common than you would think. If you experience sudden severe hair loss or the condition of your hair changes, you will need to see if your body needs nutritional support. Adding some seeds and Omega 3, as well as zinc and magnesium will help you improve your hair’s condition.

Mood and Energy Levels
Your poor diet can also affect your mood and your energy levels. When your body is too busy trying to digest all the food that you consumed, there will be little or no energy left for other bodily functions. You should listen to what your body needs more than what you crave. Find healthy alternatives and consider the size of your stomach, which is generally the size of your knuckles, not larger. Don’t overload your digestive system and have some happiness foods, such as avocados and nuts.

Making your diet work for your body is a challenge you have to tackle if you would like to avoid severe and long term health conditions. Simple changes, such as reducing your portion sizes, cutting back on processed carbs can go a long way when it comes to managing your health.

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